My Cleaning Routine: Daily Tidy-Up, Pantry Declutter, & Cleaning Motivation

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I’m sharing my daily cleaning routine, y'all! Come clean with me as I do my daily tidy-up, track it in Notion, and finally find the motivation to declutter and reorganize my pantry. This one was long overdue...

Clutter build-up really triggers my anxiety, and honestly, I become a not-so-nice person to be around. I've learned that quick daily tidy-ups are more my style rather than letting clutter build-up through the week and tackling it on the weekend.

Keeping a daily tidy-up checklist with my husband has been a super clear way for us to be on the same page about our expectations. Everyone has their own idea of what "clean" is, and so writing it out has been a GAMECHANGERRRR for us ( v.s. expecting our partner to *just know* what we expect and allowing passive-aggressive frustration to brew lol).

Here’s a rundown of the checklist:



  • [ ] empty out the sink > put dishes in dishwasher (or empty dishwasher if clean)

  • [ ] clean pots and pans from the night before

  • [ ] put away large appliances

  • [ ] wipe down counters and surfaces

  • [ ] pick up any glasses and put in the dishwasher

  • [ ] recycle empty boxes or put in the garage

  • [ ] take out the trash if full


  • [ ] put couch cushions + throw pillows back in place

  • [ ] fold blanket

  • [ ] pick up dog toys and put in toy bin

  • [ ] pick up dog toy scraps on rug

  • [ ] run Mr. Rob if necessary (our robot vacuum)