Who Needs A Pick-Me-Up? Here’s PHISH Playing Cavern!

Ladies and gentlemen of light, we here at CHAUVET Professional hopes that this finds you having an excellent afternoon!

We’ve just been made aware that today is a Monday, and that being the case, we’ve been called to action to pick up the groove of the day.  We here at the CHAUVET Professional Blog can only heed the call, so we’ve whipped up a good dish of Phish to put the funk back in your Monday in a good way!  This one also adds a bit of hilarity, as Trey Anastasio forgets one of the verses.

Hang on tight everyone, turn it up loud, and get ready to groove!


For those of you who love the studio version, that’s on YouTube too:


Chicago’s THALIA HALL Goes CHAUVET Professional!

Local and national touring acts hit Thalia Hall frequently, and if you’re a rock musician in Chicago, chances are you’ve played Thalia Hall too!  CHAUVET Professional is proud to be a part of this historic landmark music venue built way back in 1892, and we’re glad that we can have some Q-Wash 419Z and COLORado 1 Tri Tours lighting up this amazing place!

From the Thalia Hall website, a little history on the venue — we love this stuff:

John Dusek built Thalia Hall with the hopes of bringing arts and entertainment from Bohemia to play for his bohemian neighbors.  Architects Faber & Pagel, who modeled the hall after the Prague opera house, completed the public hall in 1892.  For over 7 decades the Hall was a beacon of the neighborhood community.  Thalia existed as one of the most ornate theaters of its times.  This opulence, which differentiated it from more traditional interior theaters, was granted landmark status in 1985.  The hall was used not only to house a multitude of entertainment over the years, but was also used as a central meeting spot for the neighborhood.  In 1915, the hall was used to draft a bill paving the way for bohemian statehood and the birth of Czechoslovakia in 1918.  Closed to the Public in the 1960′s, Thalia Hall has remained virtually untouched until the end of 2013, when we first began working on it.  Our goal is to restore Thalia to its original charm and character, to breath life into this community treasure, and to bring a wide array of music, community, and artistic events to the neighborhood it serves.

Photo by Clayton Hauck for Dusek's / Thalia Hall

Check out an article about the install, and next time you’re in Thalia Hall, now you can enjoy the music AND the lighting!

CHICAGO — To the college students and young urbanites who flock to it every weekend, Thalia Hall is one of the buzziest spots in Chicago, a place to kick back, down a local beer with friends, dine on some tasty food and enjoy national acts like Panda Bear and Goat as they perform on a stage illuminated by fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.
That’s also pretty much how things stood when this four story Romanesque structure opened in 1893 to serve the city’s burgeoning Czech population as a concert hall and social hub –except musical styles were different back then and there were no LED fixtures! However, in between then and now was a dark period when Thalia Hall, which was modeled after the Old Opera House in Prague, stood idle for decades before being given new life by a couple of visionary Chicago entrepreneurs.

The “new” Thalia Hall is remarkably like its predecessor, serving as a mixed use building where people can eat, drink and socialize. Just as it had in the past, Thalia Hall is now buzzing with crowded restaurants and a tavern. However, also just as in the past, it’s the concert hall that’s at the heart of this community hub.

Music was crucial to Thalia Hall early in the last century, just as it is today, when an impressive lineup of national acts is bringing a new sense of excitement to the building’s resurgent neighborhood.  “Live performances are the centerpiece of Thalia Hall, and lighting is critical to those performances,” said Justin Wardell, senior account executive at Intelligent Lighting Creations (Arlington Heights, IL), which provided the stage lighting set for the concert venue.

Wardell was contacted by LD Tim Schoen to submit ideas on putting together a lighting rig for Thalia Hall. “We’ve worked with Tim before and were very excited about this project because of the importance of the building to the community, the historic nature of  Thalia Hall, and its importance to the emerging Pilsen community on Chicago’s lower west side,” he said.

This reawakening involves a diverse range of musical genres from the alternative sounds of artists like Panda Bear, to country to folk to pop and more.  Mindful of this diversity, Wardell and Schoen wanted a lighting rig that had the flexibility to meet the needs of a range of acts of different sizes, often with different visiting LDs.

“We wanted flexible LED fixtures and moving heads that could do different things so we could create a good show regardless of who was on stage,” said Wardell. “We selected 8 Q-Wash 419Z-LED moving washes and 20 COLORado 1-Tri Tour LED pars. The feature set in these products gives us the flexibility we were seeking.

Wardell was considering sourcing another moving yoke before deciding on the Q-Wash 419Z-LED, a decision he’s glade he made. “The Q-Wash has been a big hit; everyone is impressed with its brightness and speed,” he said. “It has a host of features like individually controlled LED zones and color macros that give us the sought-after versatility. We use the Q-Wash to wash the stage in a range of colors and sometimes to touch the audience with light.

For his part, lighting director Schoen praised the versatile 7°-25° zoom range of the Q-Wash for the added flexibility it brings to the front light systems. He was also impressed with the bold saturated colors and variable whites produced by the RGBW fixture and the way it enhances skin tones.

Schoen positioned four of the Q-Wash fixtures on FOH truss and four on upstage truss in his lighting design. The 20 COLORado 1-Tri Tours were positioned on trussing over the stage, where they provided a great deal of color and are often used to highlight individual artists.

The fact that the Chauvet fixtures are LED was important to everyone involved in the Thalia Hall renovation, because of their “green benefits,” according to Wardell.  The LED fixtures were also valued, “because power draw is a concern in a historic building.” In addition to the CHAUVET Professional fixtures, the stage set includes some spot andellipsoidal fixtures as well as a hazer, all controlled by a Avolite Expert Pro controller.

“Everyone has been pleased with the Chauvet fixtures,” said Wardell. “They’re creating a very richly colored immersive look on the stage.” In the process they’ve helped bring the music back to life in one of the city’s most historic and evocative concert venues.

Photo by Clayton Hauck for Dusek's / Thalia Hall

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For more information on Intelligent Lighting Creations  visit www.intelligentlighting.com

For more on Thalia Hall visit www.thaliahallchicago.com


Old Jameson Distillery Gets A Taste of CHAUVET Professional!

The Old Jameson Distillery in Dublin, Ireland recently got a facelift, and a bunch of new kit from CHAUVET Professional and Iluminarc architectural lighting!  If you’ve never been to this attraction and you find yourself in Ireland, it’s a highly recommended place to visit!

Check out the article from AV Interactive — Design by Gorilla Design, and equipment provided by QLX Lighting.  Very cool!



From the original article:

Designed and installed by Gorilla Design, supplied by QLX Lighting, the area now presents a more unified look which for guests is the first point of contact with the brand.

The installation encompassed the main reception area, café, stairwell and underfloor of the attraction. A more welcoming feel was created using 24 of the resourceful Chauvet Professional COLORado 1 Tour fixtures, 24 Chauvet Professional COLORdash VW wash lights powered by seven cool and warm white LEDs, for purer whites and a colour temperature selection ranging from the warm and inviting to crisp, cold shades.

The installation also featured 48 Ilumiline Logic 12 fixtures from Iluminarc by Chavuet Professional. The iluminarc models were chosen over battens because their slim line profile is better hidden beneath the metal frame suspending the glass floor.

Finally, a total of six Chauvet Professional wireless event LED luminaires and charging case (WELL)2.0 systems were used as flexible lighting solutions throughout the venue for private events.

Gorilla Design deployed an iLight control system to create a fully controllable lighting solution for the multifunction event space, with energy efficiency managed for low running and maintenance costs.

Rob Jones, Gorilla Design md and director of QLX Lighting, explains, “Gorilla Design is known and praised for its creative designs and use of event space, so when we were asked to design this lighting upgrade, we knew we’d use Chauvet. It’s essential to know the lighting effects you’ve designed will continue without any problems for some time to come. We use the Chauvet range of lighting for its superior quality at a competitive price. Chauvet is perfect for high impact event spaces such as the Old Jameson Distillery because of its reliability and the beautiful high definition colours it can create.”


Ovation at London’s ABTT Theatre Show

ABTT-2014-1CHAUVET Professional recently exhibited at the annual ABTT Theatre Show in London. Focus was on the company’s Ovation line, created especially for theatre and stage.


Graham Barron and Simon Cox, from the UK sales team, were on hand to demonstrate the products – including the Ovation E-190WW ellipsoidal-style luminaire, Ovation C-640FC cyc light, Ovation F-165WW and Ovation F-95WW Fresnel fixtures.


ABTT-2014- 4

The centrepiece was based on a retro private investigator’s office, which proved to be an interesting attraction – Graham was particularly taken with the typewriter!


ROGUE Army UK Showcase

Chauvet Europe recently hosted a hands-on introduction of the groundbreaking CHAUVET Professional ROGUE range of fixtures at Leisuretec Distribution in the UK. Visitors had the opportunity to get up close to the new fixtures in interactive sessions, hosted by Chauvet Europe’s Shaun Robertshaw, followed by an exclusive ROGUE light show, supported by the CHAUVET Professional Affinity and Nexus ranges.




Check out the ROGUE ARMY from CHAUVET Professional:


The Weekly Rig from CHAUVET Professional and TRUSST — Quatuor Erro!

weekly-rig-7-chauvet-professional-dIt’s that time again – another installment of The Weekly Rig from CHAUVET Professional and Trusst!  This week’s installment is called Quatuor Erro, which translates to Four Hallways in Latin.  Now you’re learning Latin!

Particular attention was paid to this week’s design with respect to repetition – an important design element that is often overlooked is the power of repetition and symmetry in your lighting and truss designs.  This brings up another very important aspect of design – do you want even numbers of fixtures in a row or odd numbers?  Each gives you different looks, and the even vs. odd debate also lends itself to different combinations of aerial and wash looks.  Even numbers of fixtures lends itself to interesting center splits in a design, especially when fanning, and the odd numbered fanned splits will require you with a beam right in the center of your view.  Keep in mind this isn’t a bad thing at all; it’s just a different kind of aerial look!


This week’s installment of The Weekly Rig features the bright and powerful Legend™ 330 SR Spot and the eye-popping Nexus™ 4×4 LED panels, with the COLORado Batten 144 Tour being utilized for architectural blasts.  All of the four lighting positions are made from Trusst™ trussing, all self-standing, and self-supporting!  The Trusst “doorways” are made from 2m straight sections with 90° corners creating the top of the doorway.  COLORdash™ Par Quad 7 LED wash fixtures are used for truss toning – with truss used as scenic elements, it’s best to have a bright fixture lighting your structure up!

Check out some renders of this week’s Weekly Rig, Quatuor Erro!












This Week’s TOP TEN POSTS on the CHAUVET Professional Blog

Happy Friday, lighting industry!  Another weekend is upon us, and whether you’re out there getting ready to rock a weekend show stop, heading into the airport to get to your next gig, or just sitting at home prepping for the summer’s work, we here at CHAUVET Professional salute you!

This has been an excellent week on the CHAUVET Professional Blog — we love seeing what you like to read!  Check out this week’s TOP TEN posts, made by you!

Counting down the tree from #1…

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Another shot of the Opry stage with some awesome color combinations.
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#8:  USITT 2014 in Fort Worth with CHAUVET Professional was AWESOME!

CHAUVET Professional's own Jim Hutchison posing with former students of Oklahoma City University

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and last but not least of the week, #10:
Happy Monday! Tower of Power Asks: What is HIP?!


Have a great weekend, everyone!