CHAUVET Professional Sharpens Metal Edge for Motionless In White

Motionless in White was looking for a hardcore lighting edge to accentuate their shows even further than their Horror Rock monikers have pushed them.  Freddy Thompson of JDI Productions reached into the Legend case to create a bold, dark, and moody atmosphere for the rockers.  Check it out!


WORCESTER, MA– (For Immediate Release) – A Motionless in White concert is not for anyone expecting a predictable metalcore experience. Sometimes described as “horror metal,” the iconic group never fails to surprise and unsettle audiences by pulling unexpected tricks out of its musical bag, whether it’s a shattering blast beat that bursts out of nowhere in the middle of a verse or a haunting keyboard effect that leaves audiences looking over their shoulders. The band’s headline performance at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival was no exception, arousing the crowd with its unexpected twists and turns.

Keeping pace with the music was an intense and sometimes darkly theatrical lightshow by lighting designer Freddy Thompson of JDI Productions that featured a collection of Legend moving fixtures and Vesuvio RGBA foggers from CHAUVET Professional. Thompson used six Legend 230SR Beams and eight Legend 412 moving washes positioned on truss towers, as well as two Vesuvio RGBA foggers on a rig that also included blinders, strobes and hazers to capture the penetrating mood of Motionless in White’s music in light.

“I was going for was a darker theatrical look which I felt would complement the band’s persona,” said the LD. “I used very, very minimal lighting from the house rig at the Palladium, which helped the Legend’s beams stand out even more. By layering the stage with the rich colors of the Legend 412 wash fixtures, I could capture the moment during every song on the band’s set list (which began with Death March and ended with Devil’s Night).”


Thompson was careful to coordinate the colors of the two Legend fixtures in his rig. “At critical points we wanted to bathe the stage in color,” he said. “At those points, I would use brighter colors in the beam fixtures to ensure that they cut through the rich color wash of the Legend 412 units.

“The Vesuvios were critical to creating the theatrical atmosphere on stage,” continued the LD. “We used them to send up colorful columns of fog (the Vesuvio RGBA shoots light through fog). Aside from adding extra drama to the stage, the fog also worked well to highlight gobos, rotating prisms and fast random strobes.”

Thompson positioned the Vesuvio foggers on the downstage center edge, leaving enough room for an ego riser to be placed in between the units. “We arranged the Vesuvios this way so the artist could stand between the units while they shot colorful fog upwards,” said the LD. “It was all very dramatic.”


The Legend fixtures were arranged on four 8’ and two 5’ truss towers. Thompson spaced the taller towers evenly between the drum riser and guitar cabinets. He positioned the shorter towers stage left and stage right. Each tower had a Legend 230SR Beam on top. The taller center truss towers had two Legend 412 fixtures, while the smaller side towers had only one 412 unit.

“Having the beams mounted on top of the towers helped create a great position for these fixtures to be focused almost anywhere desired, whether it was on the audience or a point on stage,” said Thompson. “The 412s were mounted on the face of the truss towers to help create an eye candy effect for the set. I knew these Chauvet fixtures would be a good choice for this design because the units have proven their road worthiness time and time again. With such a short time frame loading in at the beginning of a three-day music festival, I needed fixtures I could trust would get the job done with no issues.

“A big challenge with a project at the end of a three-day festival is that there isn’t a lot of onsite programming time available,” continued the LD. “Thanks to Josh Korel, the band’s production manager sending me a complete set list, I was able to complete most of my programming in our visual studio at JDI Productions using Light Converse. By the time the rig was set up at the beginning of the festival’s third day, I had just enough time to update my position, focus my gobos and start the show.”


Start the show is exactly what Thompson did and with flying colors, not to mention a fistful of dramatic effects. The end result was a lightshow that was as intense, original, evocative and multi-layered as the music of one of the metal genre’s most complex bands.

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Legend 230SR Beam Tours in South Africa with Chris Brown

American recording artist, dancer, and actor Chris Brown recently toured in South Africa and performed on a stage lit by an array of CHAUVET Professional Legend 230SR Beam lights. The gear was supplied by South African distributor Audiosure. Here are some cool images from the setup at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg:







Ultra Music Festival MAIN STAGE, with CHAUVET Professional!!

We had A BLAST this weekend at the 2015 Ultra Music Festival, and we KNOW you all had a blast!  It rained, it poured, but the bass dropped and all was happy!

Check out some really fun photos of the weekend’s work — the Main Stage lighting designer was Steve Lieberman; the Main Stage lighting director was Patrick Dierson, and the Creative Designer was Richard Milstein.  What an AWESOME piece of work!

The Main Stage rig had a breathtaking 124 Legend 230SR Beam fixtures from CHAUVET Professional — thanks so much for spec’ing our fixtures, you really made them sing!

Click on any image for the Light Box — full size viewing!



TOP TEN POSTS of JULY 2014 on the CHAUVET Professional Blog!

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Lady Antebellum Shines for CVS Charity Classic with LEGENDS!

Chauvet Lady Antebellum 2

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Photo by Clayton Hauck for Dusek's / Thalia Hall

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Chauvet Voice Portugal

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Reno’s Whitney Peak Hotel Goes CHAUVET Professional!

Chauvet WhitneyPeak2


Lady Antebellum Shines for CVS Charity Classic with LEGENDS!

A great band, a great cause, with great beams of light!  JDI Productions in Rhode Island recently used 34 Legend 230SR Beams and Legend 412 LED wash fixtures to rock the night for Lady Antebellum.  Check it out below!

Chauvet Lady Antebellum 2

PROVIDENCE, RI – The CVS Caremark Charity Classic is known throughout Rhode Island for bringing big name golfers to the state (20 PGA pros were at this year’s event) and raising much-needed funds for local causes. This year’s edition of the event, which has raised well over a $1 million annually since it began in 1999, also brought something else to the area – big name entertainment in the form of Lady Antebellum. The multi-Grammy winning, platinum recording artists performed before over one thousand invited guests at the Rhode Island Convention Center, illuminated by a zesty lightshow created by Derek Iorfida, using a variety of Legend moving head fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.

“This is a major event throughout the state,” said Iorfida, president of JDI Productions in Johnston, Rhode Island. “The gala at the convention tops off a charity golf tournament that generates a lot of local attention, so we want a design with impact – something that sparkles.”

Contributors to the charity classic joined executives from the 7,600-store CVS Caremark chain at the gala, which featured dining and dancing. However, Iorfida didn’t approach this project as a “corporate” lighting design. “At the end of the day this was a concert,” he said. “The invited guests saw this as a Lady Antebellum concert, and that’s the kind of atmosphere that we wanted to create.”

Aside from creating this atmosphere on the Rhode Island Convention Center Stage, Iorfida also extended it to the dance floor with the help of 34 Legend 230SR Beam and Legend 412 LED moving head fixtures. “We positioned the Legends upstage, mid-stage and on truss towers over the dance floor to cover the entire area with concert-like colorful, vivid beams,” he said. “The intensity and output of the Legend fixtures really can’t be matched by anything in their class. They’re also very fast. We swept beams over the dance floor to energize the crowd.”

Iorfida used a Road Hog 4 console to program the CVS gala lightshow. “We created a lot of chases and dynamic scenes for this event just as we would a touring concert,” he said. “The 230SR Beam’s zooming, beam shaping and split color capabilities were key to helping us achieve what we wanted with this design.”

It isn’t every day that visitors to a corporate event get to be entertained by a superstar group with seven Number One singles to its credit, especially one illuminated by a dynamic concert level lightshow. “The client was very happy with how everything came together,” said Iorfida. “We gave people an evening they’re going to remember for a long time – and that felt good.”

Chauvet Lady Antebellum 1


Bright, Feature-Packed, and Powerful — Meet the LEGEND 330 SR Spot!

From CHAUVET Professional comes a powerful moving spot with features for days — check out the LEGEND™ 330 SR Spot!

Extremely bright with crisp crystal clear optics, the Legend™ 330SR Spot is a class leader in output and gobo projection. Legend™ 330SR Spot is a quick and agile fixture with precise movement and a zoom range of 5° to 24°, making it a great choice for touring rigs, broadcast, or live events. Legend™ 330SR Spot’s 330W Osram Sirius lamp gives the fixture a powerful punch of 62,200 lux at 5 meters and a field that makes even the most complicated gobo stunning.


The Weekly Rig from CHAUVET Professional and Trusst – EL DIABLO!


The Weekly Rig is here!  This week, the fourth week in the series, we call EL DIABLO — a rig of Trusst and CHAUVET Professional fixtures that gives your production a new look to bring big, bold, in your face design to wherever you play!

EL DIABLO uses several pieces of Trusst trussing, from the 3m Arc sections to the 1m straight sticks and a few bits in between.  The structure itself leads itself to being able to position a drummer, percussionist, or other specialist right directly under the main rig, which supports itself via its unique legging structure.

Full parts and equipment list for EL DIABLO:

TRUSST Trussing:

2 x 3m Arc section, CT290-430CIR-90
2 x 1.5m straight section, CT290-415S
2 x 3m straight section, CT290-430S
10 x 1m straight section, CT290-410S
8 x 6-Way Corner Block, CT290-6WAYC

CHAUVET Professional Fixtures:

4 x Legend 330 SR Spot
4 x Legend 230 SR Beam
8 x Rogue R2 Spot
7 x COLORado Batten 72 Tour

Ready?  Check it out!










Take this image to your dealer to get this week’s Weekly Rig into your hands!weekly-rig-4-chauvet-trusst-detail