LEGEND Fixtures Play with the Legends – The Isley Brothers

ATLANTA – The creative force that drives The Isley Brothers never rests. It’s why these Rock and Roll Hall of Famers can still shake the house after six decades of touring. It’s also why they’ve never flinched at abandoning comfortable familiarity in favor of new forms of musical expression; the way they did in the mid-1960s when they took on a young and then unknown sideman named Jimi Hendrix and blended his heavy guitar riffs with their own extended R&B inspired vamps to kick off an original funk sound that would influence the direction of rock music.


The Isley Brothers’ penchant for new ideas remains as strong today as it was back then – and not just with music, but with lighting too. This was very much in evidence recently when the multi-Grammy winners’ design team changed its plans to use some familiar lights after it heard Brad McWhorter of Atlanta Audio Visual talk about how they could create a more powerful show with a collection of Legend fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.

“They were going to use some well-known halogen ellipsoidals over the stage along with a an expensive moving wash, but we convinced them they would get a more dynamic show by moving Legend 230SR Beams across the stage and using the Legend 412 as a wash,” said McWhorter. “Our plan must have made sense, because they listened and in the end everyone was thrilled with the final result.”

McWhorter positioned 20 of the Legend 230SR moving beams over the stage on trussing to “create a special look over Ronald Isley and the band.” Featuring a 230-watt Osram Sirius lamp and an intense 96,000 lux at 15 meters output, the Legend fixture created a level of movement and energy in the lightshow that would have been difficult to duplicate with the ellipsoidal fixtures.

“The fast movement and dynamic color transitions during the set made this the perfect light for The Isley Brothers music,” said McWhorter. “It makes the kind of statement you want to make in the touring industry. In addition to giving us good looks on stage, the Legend 230SR Beam worked well as an audience light. We ran them across the whole venue (Philips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia) to engage the crowd.”

McWhorter also used 24 Legend 412 moving wash fixtures in The Isley Brothers rig, which he controlled using a grandMA2- Full (1) grandMA NPU. The richly saturated colors from the RGBW wash created an elegant effect on stage. “We had soft lavender and the natural white contrasting with blue on stage,” said the Atlanta Audio Visual CEO. “It created a nice blend of style and sophistication with intensity.”

Although asking an iconic act like The Isley Brothers to depart from its original lighting rig plan may seem somewhat daring, McWhorter was confident that the Legend fixtures were up to the task. ““We use these lights in corporate and touring and no matter the application, we can count on their dependability,” he said, noting that the Legend Series “sets a standard that stands the test of time” – just like The Isley Brothers.”

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For more on Atlanta Audio Visual visit: www.atlanta-audiovisual.com


Steve Lieberman, ULTRA 2015, and the Legend 230SR Beam!

Ultra Music Fest 2015, MAIN STAGE


Sit down and have a chat with Steve Lieberman of SJ Lighting, the lighting designer and mind behind ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL, as he talks fixtures, Legend 230 SR Beams, in fact 124 of them and making the photons match the music!

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TECH TALK, Special LDI 2013 Edition – NEW TOYS!

We here at CHAUVET Professional have been working hard to bring you new toys to check out at LDI.  While some things were previewed at PLASA last month in England, we thought it would be a good idea to give you a little teaser to what you will see at our booth, #1141.

This year at LDI, CHAUVET is bringing you some very cool new items.  Two new LEGEND™ lights that will blow your mind, two strobe lights called STRIKE that will be sure to hypnotize you, a new Q-Wash™ that has not only huge output, but an awesome zoom range as well, and a long awaited addition to the OVATION™ line that will make your cyc glow with your favorite colors. Oh, but wait, there is more…. We are also introducing the COLORdashHEX fixtures as well as two new additions to the NEXUS™ series, we are even beefing up our tried and tested COLORado™ series.  We are even introducing a new hazer.  Indeed, toys galore.

Legend 412 ZOOM RIGHT

First off, the LEGEND 412Z will be making its US debut after being a major hit at PLASA in the UK a few weeks ago.  Offering blazing fast pan and tilt speed, twelve 10 W quad color LEDs with quadrant control, and a zoom range that will make your eyes explode, this light is destined to make designers smile from ear to ear.   Applications for this light will range from eye candy effects to the most subtle wash coverage applications.  A truly versatile light.

Legend 330SR Spot - FRONT

Next up is the LEGEND 330SR Spot.  This fixture is making its first appearance at LDI this year.  Utilizing the Osram Sirius 330 lamp, this light is designed to have massive output appeal.  CMY color mixing that can create anything from a stunning red, to a grass green, to a deep blue, it will make even the most discerning of lighting designers happy.  Combining that with a fantastic zoom angle and two gobo wheels, a color wheel, iris, and frost, the looks that can be created are only limited by your imagination.  Very responsive pan and tilt movement will make sure that you hit the mark even when your talent can’t.

Strike Panel-LEFT Strike Par-RIGHT

Onward, we will be offering two new strobe lights in a whole new category for CHAUVET called STRIKE.  In the STRIKE line we have the STRIKE 324, an LED par style strobe offering eight rings of individual control as well as the STRIKE 882, an LED panel offering six zones of control. Both of these fixtures have one major thing in common, they are blazingly bright.  If you don’t believe me, stop by the booth and I will be happy to show you.  I strongly suggest sunglasses. Q Wash 419Z LEFT

Although this light has been shipping for a few weeks, the Q-Wash 419Z is making its first appearance at LDI after hitting the stage at PLASA.  The Q-Wash 419Z offers nineteen 15 W LEDs with segment control and zoom.  Designed with the stage and studio world in mind, not only is this fixture quiet, but also offers 16 bit dimming of both the master dimmer, as well each individual color.  Overall, this light is a great addition to the already very successful Q-Series of products.

Ovation-E190WW-RIGHT Ovation F-95WW-RIGHT NEW Ovation F-165-RIGHT

We launched OVATION at LDI last year and have had a stunning year of success with it so far.  The OVATION E-190WW LED ellipsoidal won the New Product Award for Technology at WFX this year against some very stiff competition and the F-165WW as well as the F-95WW have also been successful in their own rights.  At INFOCOMM this year, we premiered the OVATION C-640FC. This five colored LED cyc light leaves the competition in the dust.  Offering two independently adjustable heads and a virtual color wheel (VCW) that includes many of your favorite gel colors pre-calibrated based on a 3200K degree light source, this fixture is sure to please.  Compact in size and huge on output, this fixture will make the LED skeptics heads turn.

COLORdash Batten Hex 8 - RIGHT COLORdash Par Hex 12-FRONT

Bringing in even more innovation, we have the COLORdash Hex fixtures.  Starting off, the COLORdash Par Hex 12 – not only is it bright, but offers something different from other LED par fixtures on the market.  Red, green, blue, white, amber, and, wait for it….UV!  Trust me when I tell you, having UV light in combination with any one color will give you mind blowing results, (you have to see red and UV combined, it is breath taking) but seeing multi-color combinations will leave you speechless.  Combine all of this with 16 bit dimming control and fan free operation and you have a hit on your hands.  Complementing the par. We are also launching the COLORdash Batten Hex 8.  The batten offers all of the coolness that we packed into the par, but in a linear format.  And what would a batten be without individual pixel control?  How about if we added in 16 bit dimming into individual pixel control?  Wonder no more, because you can see it in person at our booth.

Nexus 4x1-FRONT Nexus 2x2 LEFT

Last year at LDI, we introduced the 2013 Parnelli Award nominated NEXUS 4×4 and tipped the industry on its ear.  Since then, we have launched the NEXUS 4×1 and NEXUS 2×2.  This year, we intend to outdo ourselves by introducing two more NEXUS products, the NEXUS AQ 5×5 and the NEXUS AW 7×7.  The NEXUS AQ 5×5 is a matrix of 25 quad color RGBW LEDs that are controllable with DMX, ArtNet, and KlingNet.  The NEXUS AW 7×7 is a matrix of 49 warm white LEDS, that again, are controllable by the same triple threat as the rest of the NEXUS series.  Both of these new products also feature load rated coffin locks for vertical linking, and very cool horizontal linking system for easy pixel alignment.


The COLORado series is gaining two new members of the family.  The COLORado 2 Quad Zoom Tour and COLORado 2 Quad Zoom VW Tour.  The COLORado 2 Quad Zoom Tour offers fourteen 15 W quad color RGBW LEDs and a huge zoom range as well as an even field of light distribution, the COLORado 2 Quad Zoom VW Tour offers fourteen 15W Variable White LEDS that can be tuned from 2,700 K to 10,000 K and offers the same zoom and light distribution as the RGBW version.  Both fixtures also offer 16 bit dimming and the signature COLORado tough body that this series is known for.


But you need a way to see all of these effects in the air.  Not to worry, CHAUVET proudly presents the AmHaze II.  The AmHaze II gives you all of the haze output that would expect in a professional hazer, and will also work with a wide variety of haze fluids.  Compact in size, the AmHaze II can fit into small spaces or be suspended utilizing it’s built in M13 threaded insert (perfect fit for our CLP 15 clamp).  We will be using a few of these hazers in our booth at the show, While you are checking out all of the collective stunningness of the light show, take a moment to appreciate the atmospherics as well.

So, stop by the booth and at the very least say hi.  I will be easy to spot.  I will be the one wearing the grey CHAUVET shirt with a big smile on my face.  Jim Hutchison from JimOnLight.com has also come on board with CHAUVET Professional; he’s leading our Social Media, Blogging, and Customer Outreach.  He and his very bald head will be at the LDI booth, so come by, chat us up, and snap a picture!


I also want to also say thank you to all of you out there who have supported CHAUVET and CHAUVET Professional over the years.  Without all of your feedback and comments, we could not have been able to create all of these new and amazing products, nor would we be where we are today.  As I enter my sixth year at CHAUVET, I thank you all for your continued support.


Legend™ 230SR Beam Spotted at Set Electro in France

Sixteen CHAUVET® Professional Legend™ 230SR Beam were spotted at the sixth edition of Set Electro in New Orléans, which drew about 30,000 people gathered for the performances of DJs William Kaiton, Tony Romera and headliner Joachim Garraud. JBL Sonorisation provided the sound and lighting for the event, including the Legend™ 230SR Beam fixtures, purchased from French distributor Algam.


Legend™ 230SR Beam Shows Off in Chauvet Showroom

Eight CHAUVET® Professional Legend™ 230SR Beam moving yokes gave an amazing performance in our very own showroom at Chauvet headquarters in Sunrise, Fla. Our Video Production Specialist Todd Murray did a great job on the improvised stage and tried to steal show, but he was unsuccessful—sorry Todd, the beams are just too awesome! Here are some photos that speak for themselves:






Legend™ 230SR Beam Steals Bollywood Show in Birmingham

CHAUVET® Professional fixtures gave a lively performance during the Bollywood Extravaganza show at the LG Arena in Birmingham, U.K. Sixteen Legend™ 230SR Beam moving yokes shot bright beams on stage and toward the audience, while 12 Q-Wash™ 560Z-LED wash lights bathed the stage in rich color. New Illumination Lighting Design event and lighting company based in London specified the lights. Here are some powerful images:






Chauvet Attends JTSE 2012 in Paris

CHAUVET® Professional and its French distributor Algam recently participated in the 16th Salon International des Techniques du Spectacle in Paris. A variety of fixtures were on display, such as eye-candy pixel-mapping Nexus™ 4×4, luminaires for theater and stage Ovation™ E-190WW LED and Ovation™ F-165WW LED, sharp and bright moving yoke Legend™ 230SR Beam, versatile wash lights Q-Wash™ 436Z-LED and Q-Wash™ 560Z-LED, moving yoke spot Q-Spot™ 460-LED, pixel-mapping Legend™ 412, linear light COLORdash™ Batten-Quad 6, PAR-style fixtures COLORdash™ Par-Quad 7 and COLORdash™ Par-Quad 18.