Avett Brothers and Legend 330, Winning Fans!


NELSONVILLE, OHIO – A lot of fans are blown away when they attend a concert by The Avett Brothers; and why not? The heartfelt hooks and harmonies of this up-and-coming Grammy-nominated band are at once comfortably plain spoken yet endlessly complex, effortlessly blending the group’s bluegrass roots with genres ranging from punk to calypso to ragtime.

Jeremy and Keith Harold of United Sound and Electronics were also deeply moved by this North Carolina band’s show recently, not just by the music (though they liked that well enough), but also by the intense output of the Legend 330SR Spot from CHAUVET Professional, which was used in the group’s lightshow.

“The Legend 330SRs blew us all away,” said Keith Harold, who is responsible for lighting at USE, which set up the rig for the band at the Nelsonville Music Festival. “The technical director of the festival had actually cross rented the Legends from another company because The Avett Brothers needed a CMY spot fixture.”

After working with the Legend 330SR Spot on stage, the Harold brothers made a big decision. “When we saw how fast and powerful the Legend 330SR Spots were, we knew that we had to have them for our own inventory,” said Jeremy.  “So we sold many of the moving heads we had in our rental inventory and replaced them with these fixtures for the touring season.”

A moving spot fixture powered by a 330-watt OSRAM Sirius lamp, the Legend 330SR Spot produces 62,200 lux at 5 meters, but Keith Harold notes that there were features beyond output that made the light well suited for The Avett Brothers concert. “The match between the Legends and the intense emotions of the music was great,” he said.  “I have to say the 330SRs with their rich colors and punchy output played the biggest role in setting the mood to the group’s music.”


A total of eight Legend 330SR Spots were used on trussing over the 40’ by 40’ Nelsonville Music Festival stage for performances by The Avett Brothers and their opening act The Head and the Heart.  There were four Legend 330SR Spots on upstage truss and four on downstage truss, each configuration intermingled with an equal number of wash fixtures.

Also included in the rig were par 64 fixtures and 8-spot audience blinders.  A full-sized grandMA console was used to control the lighting rig, which was called upon to represent a range of emotions visually during The Avett Brothers lively and engaging 22-song set.

Epitomizing the group’s categorization-defying musical style, the set began with a rollicking rendition of the Appalachian fiddle and banjo standard “Chuck Old Hen” and ended with a surprise encore cover of Harry Bellefonte’s calypso hit “Jumping in the Line.” In between were a collection of favorites from the group’s top ten Billboard albums Magpie and Dandelion and The Carpenter.

“The rich colors, along with the powerful and punchy beams, gave some really awesome looks for a great show,” said Jeremy Harold. “Everything went very smoothly with this setup. We’re grateful to everyone involved at Nelsonville for making this go so smoothly – and for introducing us to the Legend 330SR Spot!”

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George Washington Party Goes CHAUVET Professional!

Too cool!  George Washington’s Party at Washington College went CHAUVET Professional this year, making beautiful looks and happy faces at this long-time event!  Check it out!


CHESTERTOWN, MD – Back in 1782, George Washington consented to have the small “College at Chester” renamed in his honor. More recently, the students and alumni at Washington College (the 10th oldest in the US) have been showing their appreciation for this gesture by throwing a giant annual party in honor of the first president. This year’s George Washington Party may have been the most colorful ever, thanks in no small measure to a dynamic and colorful lighting display created with a collection of Legend and COLORado fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.

Massimo Didonna of Partners in Sound (New York) created the party’s lighting rig to be impactful and versatile at the same time. “The party is a very big event for the school,” said Didonna. “Not only does it draw a huge turnout of students, it also attracts quite a few alumni. The students want dancing, intensity and visual excitement; the alumni want more subtlety and sophistication. We were able to give them both with the way we designed the party and with the Chauvet lights we used.”

For the students, Didonna built a 30’ x 30’ truss structure over the dancefloor and blasted it with bright, vividly colored light from Legend 330SR Spot fixtures and Q-Wash 419Z-LED moving washes. “The lighting gave us the kind of club look that pumped up the dancers,” he said. “The power and brightness of the 419 fixtures provided all the coverage we needed to cover this spacious area, which is about 40,000 square feet. The zoom capability of the 330SR was essential to getting the gobo projection we wanted to create atmosphere.”


Didonna used 16 Q-Wash 419Z washes and 12 Legend 330SR spots over the dance floor and at other areas throughout the party pavilion. For example, the Q-Wash 419Z fixtures were used to wash the stage and the DJ booth as well as a “lounge area” created for alumni.

“We built a very attractive area with pipe and deluxe drapery to create a lounge where faculty and alumni could mingle away from the club atmosphere,” said Didonna. With plush furniture, uplighting provided by 24 COLORado 1-Quad Tour par-style fixtures and scenic elements, he and his team were able to create a space that offered a getaway from the dancefloor while still blending in with the overall look of the party.

Part of that overall look was created by the party’s New Orleans theme (even though the first president of the US never visited the Crescent City, which at the time of his administration belonged to France). Nevertheless, the Big Easy scenic elements lent a special decorative element to the party, especially with the colorful uplighting rendered by 10 Freedom Strip Mini Quad-5 linear battery-powered wireless fixtures from CHAUVET Professional’s sister company CHAUVET DJ.


Partners in Sound brought in 400K power supply to run the George Washington party lighting rig, which was controlled by a grandMA lighting console. “The job went very smoothly,” said Didonna. “The people at the college were wonderful to work with. Of course, when you have this many scenic elements and are creating so many different looks, setup time is always a challenge, but our team did a great job. We look forward to celebrating George Washington again next year!”

For more information on Partners in Sound visit www.partnersinsound.com


NEXUS and NXT-1 Help KM Productions ROCK NYE!


NEW YORK– In the city that gave us Times Square, New Year’s Eve is just too big to be confined to one night. That is why RPM Presents created Big Week NYC, a weeklong, heart-pounding EDM celebration, to ring in the New Year with sick beats by superstars like Martin Garrix and Kaskade and a scintillating lightshow created by Kevin Mignone and Mike Gionfriddo of KM Productions using a collection of fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.

Held in Manhattan starting December 27 and going on through the wee hours of January 1, the event drew visitors from around the world. Most of the performances took place at Pier 94, a 135,000 square foot historic dock and warehouse that was converted into New York’s hottest pop-up concert venue.

Artists like Carnage, Armin van Buuren and Disclosure rocked the famous Pier 94 stage. This all-star lineup preforming at a world-renowned venue required an intense lightshow, which is exactly what KM Productions created using the ultra-bright Nexus 4×4 LED set pieces and Next NXT-1 moving LED panels. For good measure, the KM designers engaged the crowd with aerial beams from 24 overhead Legend 330SR Spots.


“We were going for layered fullness in this design,” said Mignone. “Our vision was to fill the room with punchy textured lighting. This is a high-energy, star-studded event on one of the biggest nights of the year so we needed a powerful lightshow. Anyone who’s been to Pier 94 knows it’s a spacious room, so we needed lights that had significant output if we hoped to fill it. The Nexus, NXT-1 and the 330SRs all have the ability to do that, so they were the best choice.”

Mignone and Gionfriddo used 16 Nexus 4 x 4 panels in their Pier 94 design. The panels were positioned throughout the stage on truss and at times ran at 100 percent brightness to create an intense blinder effect. “We were looking for brightness at this kind of event and in this venue, and the Nexus delivered it,” said Gionfriddo.


The designers positioned 12 Next NXT-1 moving LED panels over the stage, using their built-in dynamic and static patterns to create a variety of audience engaging looks.  “We felt that the moving panels overhead helped draw people into the stage even though the room was very large,” said Mignone. “We also relied on the rapidly moving Legend beams to create a festival feeling throughout the audience. People expect to be a part of something big on New Year’s Eve, and a dynamic lightshow is one of the ingredients that help make that happen.”

# # #

For more information on KM Productions visit: www.km-productions.com or email


Come Visit the CHAUVET Professional Showroom!!!

Are you going to be in South Florida?
Are you going to be within a half-hour of Fort Lauderdale?
Are you into lighting and the lighting industry?

Come check out the CHAUVET Professional Showroom here in Sunrise, Florida!  We’ve got our Professional and DJ lines ready for prime time, any time you want to come get a view of what we have to offer the Professional, DJ, Architectural, Video, and Touring markets!

A few shots from the Showroom:

DSC06529 DSC06531 DSC06539


Czech Rep Distributor Shows Off CHAUVET Professional at Open House

Czech Republic Distributor Audio Master recently organized an open house event to train its customers on a variety of CHAUVET Professional products from the Nexus, Rogue, COLORado and Legend series, including the Nexus 4×4 pack, Rogue R1 Spot, Rogue R1 Beam and Rogue R2 Beam. Here are some images from “Chauvet Day 2014,” check it out:






Firestone Live! Becomes Alive with CHAUVET Professional!

If you’ve been to Orlando’s hot attraction and famous night club, Firestone Live!, you know to expect a good time the minute you walk in.  CHAUVET Professional is rocking the inside of Firestone Live with Legend, COLORado, and Q-Wash — trusted brands for a trusted establishment!  Check it out, in this month’s Lighting Insights Newsletter!!





Are YOU Hitting PRO and BPM in Birmingham? Come Say HI to CHAUVET Professional!

JOIN US at in just ONE WEEK, a completely new Professional audio, lighting & video technology tradeshow that will be running alongside at the NEC in Birmingham, UK September 13-15.  You’ll not only gain ACCESS to a first-time exhibition, but also to a live product demonstration, free breakfast, and CHAUVET Professional sponsored arena loaded with an array of exciting and innovative CHAUVET Professional products.

Be sure to check out the highlights on Stand G42, where CHAUVET Professional’s exhibition will offer exposure to our high performance professional lighting fixtures.

Breakfast Demo Invitation 9th

On top of being an exhibitor, CHAUVET Professional will be hosting an , which will feature a varied programme of DJ sets, performances and live Q&As with high profile DJs.  The arena will be located between the BPM and PRO tradeshows, and will be the showcase for selections of the , , , , and Series as well as the video panels!

We’re certain you’re in the mood for an intriguing seminar, come explore The Dark-Side of LED on Sunday, September 14. The CHAUVET Professional seminar will take a look at the difficulties of the development of LED, and debunk some of the common myths, for example that LEDs generate no heat and that no maintenance is required.  We love our LEDs, so we hope the seminar will be a unique opportunity for those thinking about buying or installing LED to gain a better understanding of the technology!

Also to look forward to, on the Monday of the show, CHAUVET Professional will be hosting a complimentary breakfast and an awesome product demonstration at the arena!

Don’t miss out on getting up close and personal with our high performance professional fixtures, product demonstrations, complimentary breakfast and thought-provoking seminars. We look forward to seeing you there!