ROGUE ARMY – Liberating YOUR Imagination from the Tyranny of Tight Budgets!


NEW from CHAUVET Professional, an army of moving heads to rule them all — meet the ROGUE ARMY!

The ROGUE series from CHAUVET Professional, liberating imaginations from the tyranny of tight budgets!

ROGUE moving heads are bright and feature packed, and fit into your budget regardless of the scope. ROGUE R1 Spot and R1 Beam, ROGUE R2 Spot and R2 Beam are now on the entertainment battlefield to help you achieve your best and most creative looks!

Check out the ROGUE ARMY from CHAUVET Professional:

ROGUE R1 Spot:
ROGUE R2 Spot:
ROGUE R1 Beam:
ROGUE R2 Beam:

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Top Ten Posts of January 2014 on the CHAUVET Professional Blog!

Happy Wednesday, World of Light!

It’s very exciting to see what you love to read on the CHAUVET Professional Blog — we love posting the top ten posts for each month, it’s like sharing the collective interest of the world of lighting!

Check out the Top Ten Posts for JANUARY 2014!  First month of the year, eleven more to go, and we look forward to what each will bring to our industry.

Counting down from #10…

#10:  One of the most beautiful performances we’ve ever seen!


#9:  Ovation LED Ellipsoidals Light Valparaiso University’s Church of the Resurrection

CHAUVETPro-Valparaiso Chapel

#8:  Product Review – COLORado 1 Tri-7 Tour, from Church Production Magazine


#7:  Hump Day Harmony – Guns and Roses’ November Rain


#6:  Got A Case of the Mondays?  How About Some Awesome Grooves?


#5:  Legend 230SR Beam Makes An Impact at the World’s Largest Faith Gathering


#4:  Funny enough, The Top Ten Posts of 2013 on the CHAUVET Professional Blog!

Utopium Lions Den-blog

#3:  KLF (Uh Huh Uh Uh Huh Uh Huh) – Hump Day Energy


#2:  The CHAUVET Professional Show Schedule


and the NUMBER ONE POST for January 2014:

#1:  Beyonce, Jay-Z, The Grammy Awards, and NEXUS 4×4!

Photo courtesy of, All Rights Reserved

Photo courtesy of, All Rights Reserved