REND COLLECTIVE, rocking with NEXUS 4x4s!  Check it out!


SUNRISE, FL – When lighting designer Tyler Santangelo decided that floating diamonds would look better than squares on the stage for the Irish Christian experimental group Rend Collective, he simply adjusted the Nexus panels on his rig and created a new look. This was the first (but certainly not the last) time that Santangelo got to appreciate the versatility of the intense COB LED panels from CHAUVET Professional.

As the LD on the Rend Collective tour, which has crisscrossed the globe from Sioux Falls to West Sussex and Manhattan to Budapest, Santangelo has frequently called on the Nexus panels to create new looks to fit different venues and keep pace with spontaneous flow of the group’s performance.

Rend Collective, which reached the top of the Billboard Christian Album charts (and number 13 overall) in 2014, has played in venues ranging from small churches to large arenas. “At the start of the tour, I knew that given the wide variety of stage sizes we’d be dealing with, we would need a lighting rig that was not only road worthy, but also very flexible,” said Santangelo. “The Nashville office at 4Wall Entertainment worked closely with me to put together a rig that was simple, easy to transport and very flexible. Nexus panels were at its center from day one.”


Santangelo makes frequent use of his rig’s flexibility as the tour stops at its widely varied mix of venues. “At most stops we use 10 Nexus 4×4 panels on four towers, which really fills out the stage nicely,” said the LD. “However, we’re often in a position where we have to use only half or fewer of the Nexus panels. Yet we’re still able to create an interesting looking show, because of the output and versatility of the Nexus panels make the stage look full – plus we have full 53-channel control, which gives us the capability to match our design to Rend’s songs. We use a Martin M1 Console, and other additions included TMB 4-lite Punch Lites, Leprecon ULD-360 Dimmers, and Lex Distros with the ability to switch between single and three phase to program the rig.”

The color rendering capabilities of the Nexus panels also create an engaging look on stage through various venues. “We’ve used the full spectrum of colors, but we’ve tried to stick mainly with warm colors such as amber and CTC,” said Santangelo. “I’ve been amazed by the colors from the Nexus. None of the colors were off from some of my other LED fixtures on stage. It was nice to have matching reds and blues.”


The low power draw of the Nexus was also critical to the versatility of the touring rig. “I had to make sure the show could go on whether we had lots of power or were plugging into a couple of sockets in a wall,” said Santangelo. “The Nexus panels allowed me to fill a lot of space on stage using low amounts of power — not to mention, they can get so bright! It was nice to have so much color on stage.”

A dynamic six-member group that seems to be constantly moving on stage, changing positions relative to one another and engaging the audience with unexpected actions, Rend Collective also created a special set of demands that called for a flexible lighting rig. As anyone who’s ever been to one of the group’s concerts will attest, these are artists who believe in their message and relish the opportunity to engage the audience with spontaneous actions.

This exuberant spontaneity provides audiences with a memorable experience, but it also creates challenges for a lighting designer. “It’s incredibly fun and rewarding to be involved in this tour, and part of the reason is that it does present some cool creative challenges,” said Santangelo. “Right from the start, I knew we needed a lot of versatility on this tour. This is where the Nexus panels came in handy. Whether I used a single light on a panel or all 16 lights, I was able to do so many different things with the Nexus. I could make the fixture look identical to a blinder in one of Rend’s songs, then turn it into a vertical LED strip for another number.”

The intense output of the Nexus panel added to its versatility, according to Santangelo.
“At full output, this fixture is stunning,” said the LD. “I saved 100% as a cool effect such as when there were sudden pops or a Capella blinder type moment. If the band was in a standalone calm moment, I ran the fixture anywhere from 5%-20%. This allowed me to keep the focus off of the fixtures but still wash the stage with some amazing colors.

“Then, when the band did a more upbeat song, I ran the panels anywhere from 40%-75%, which still kept them in background, but delivered a powerful impact to the stage,” continued Santangelo. “If you ask me to describe what the Nexus does, I couldn’t give you a simple answer, because it does so much – it’s as limitless as your creativity. When you want a small rig for a band that has a large personality and an extensive musical repertoire, the Nexus can be your best friend.”

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Ultra Music Festival’s WORLDWIDE STAGE, with CHAUVET Professional!!

ANOTHER awesome stage at Ultra Music Festival 2015, another excellently happy crowd!  We had a blast at this stage too, and there was lots of CHAUVET Professional pixels everywhere!  The WORLDWIDE Stage at Ultra Music Festival 2015 had 48 Nexus AW 7×7 units and 96 of the blazingly bright and popular NEXUS 4×4!  Check out the photos, everyone down to the fixtures themselves had a blast!!!


Women’s World Cup Kickoff, Flo Rida, This Month in Lighting Insights!

Lighting Insights brings another awesome article to the Lighting industry forefront! Check out a great conversation with James Schipper of Kinetic Lighting in Glendale, CA!


Lighting Designer James Schipper of Kinetic Lighting (Glendale, CA) used 40 Nexus 4×4 panels to create a dynamic stage backdrop for the celebration’s main entertainment event: a concert by the iconic hip hop rapper Flo Rida backed up by DJ Blaze. The Nexus panels on stage not only matched the Grammy nominated People’s Choice-winning star’s performance; they also reflected the upbeat mood of the televised celebration.



Ricky Martin Mexico City BEHIND THE SCENES – Video and Photos!

We had first-line access to the Ricky Martin tour stop in Mexico City a few weeks ago, and the photos and video we got were outstanding!  Check out Ricky Martin’s Mexico City load-in, with CHAUVET Professional Nexus 4×4 panels, NEXT NXT-1 moving pixel panels, and the Vesuvio RGBA hybrid atmospheric!

Check out the video, Behind the Scenes:  Ricky Martin in MEXICO CITY

Now for some excellent behind the scenes photos!

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (102 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (104 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (115 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (119 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (122 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (125 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (127 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (128 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (131 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (134 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (136 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (145 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (149 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (153 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (156 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (94 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (71 de 115)


Check out the initial press release here!


Help Nominate ROGUE R2 Spot for the 2014 Parnelli IT Awards!

Happy Wednesday, lighting industry!!!

We here at CHAUVET Professional are asking for your help — as you know, CHAUVET Professional’s Nexus 4×4 panel was nominated and awarded the 2013 Parnelli Indispensible Technology Award last year, and we’re at it again this time with a new, popular, and robust fixture — the ROGUE R2 Spot!

We’re asking your help — please nominate the ROGUE R2 Spot for this year’s Parnelli Awards, located here:
The form is easy and simple, anyone can vote!  Click the form to be transported to the voting site!


Here’s what the pros are saying about the Rogue R2 Spot:

“….after doing a shootout in our facility with products from leading manufactures… The R2 was the brightest of the bunch, by a long shot. … This is the kind of fixture you want to rent-Bright, small, lightweight and no lamp to replace.”

Kinetic Lighting

When you first fire up this fixture, you immediately notice how bright it is-and how flat the field of the light beam is… The beam has the same brightness from the center to outside of the beam- and it’s the same color…There isn’t any brown banding… just bright white.’’

LD Gregg Persinger, Church Productions Magazine Review:

They are extremely versatileThe brightness of the beam and the crispness of the focus make this fixture extremely useful for running any gobo effects as well.”

Justin Bell, AV Manager, Cargo at Whitney Peak Hotel

 “The Rogue R2 Spot especially stood out. This is the first time I’ve used an LED spot and actually forgotten it wasn’t a discharge source…great  colours, optics and features too.”

LD Dave Kyle, 2014 BPM/ Pro show arena Designer, Birmingham, UK

From KINETIC Lighting:


We look forward to your help, and we’ll keep making awesome light!  We hope this finds each and every one of you having an outstanding day!  Click HERE to vote!


A Voz Portugal – con Nexus 4×4!

For our Spanish speaking audience out there!  En español!

Un hermoso, impresionante, e intenso diseño creado por el LD Marco Silva con el NEXUS 4 × 4 de CHAUVET Profesional. ¡Dale un vistazo!

LISBOA, PORTUGAL – Una de las cosas que han convertido a ‘The Voice’ (LA VOZ) en un éxito internacional sin precedentes, es el hecho de que cada país parece encontrar su propia y única manera de mejorar el espectáculo, añadiendo un toque local a lo que se ha convertido en un fenómeno global. Esto es algo muy evidente en “A VOZ” de Portugal. En 2011, se introdujo un cambio en las reglas que permite a los espectadores votar para traer de vuelta a los participantes perdedores en las rondas eliminatorias. Este año la franquicia con sede en Lisboa elevó nuevamente su nivel al incorporar efectos de mapeo de píxeles con los paneles Nexus™ 4×4 de CHAUVET® Profesional.

Chauvet Voice Portugal

Marco Silva, LD y programador de ‘A VOZ’ de Portugal, utiliza 28 paneles Nexus™ 4×4 para crear un impresionante arreglo en el frente del escenario para el control de pixeles que está a cargo de João Canoso de FX-Road Light.  Utilizando un servidor de medios Mbox Studio, Canoso creó un impactante diseño coordinado con la pantalla de video instalada.

“El mapeo de pixeles de los Nexus crea una apariencia atractiva y dinámica que encaja a la perfección con el espíritu de ‘A Voz’ de Portugal”, dijo Silva. “Este programa celebra el talento, el esfuerzo y la pasión de los participantes, y el espectáculo de iluminación ayudó a crear un aura estelar en el escenario. A veces utilizamos las mismas imágenes en la pantalla de video y en los paneles de Nexus, lo que genera un estupendo efecto gracias a los reflectores LED de las unidades. Nos gustó mucho el resultado”

Silva también quedó impresionado con la versatilidad de los paneles Nexus. “Nosotros los colocamos dentro del diseño, como lo hicimos con otros equipos, y cada uno hacía su trabajo y tenía su propia personalidad”, explicó.

Hay varias etapas diferentes en ‘A VOZ’, y los paneles Nexus han jugado un papel específico en cada una de ellas, según Silva. En los segmentos a ciegas, donde los jurados no conocen el aspecto físico de los participantes, los paneles son utilizados para crear un brillante borde horizontal; en las galas y en las rondas finales son colocados sobre el piso con arreglos diferentes.

Pero tal vez el uso principal de los paneles es durante los segmentos en vivo del espectáculo. “Montamos los paneles verticalmente para las tomas en vivo”, dijo Silva. “Están ensamblados en dos torres de 7 metros de altura en ambos lados del escenario. Esto nos proporciona una gran apariencia para las tomas cercanas de los participantes, y cuando hacemos ampliamos las tomas el Nexus crea formidables efectos de cegadora”.

Para los segmentos en vivo de ‘A VOZ’, Silva complementa los 28 Nexus 4×4 paneles con 48 luminarias lineales COLORdash Batten-Hex 8 y 48 luminarias estilo PAR Colorado 1-Quad Tour RGBW, también de CHAUVET® Profesional. Los equipos de Chauvet son suministrados por Garrett Audiovisuais de Carnaxide, Portugal.

“El COLORdash es excelente para ayudarnos a crear escenas, y los COLORados son magníficas luces de fondo”, dijo el LD. “Estamos muy satisfechos con la potencia y mezcla de color que nos ofrecen ambos productos”. Equipados con ocho LEDs RGBAW+UV, los COLORdash Batten-Hex 8 producen una amplia variedad de blancos, colores saturados además de potentes efectos ultravioleta, lo que los hace ideales para una producción con tantas facetas como ‘A VOZ’.

Cuando se le preguntó cómo realizaba las transiciones de un segmento a otro en ‘A Voz’ de Portugal, Silva describió el proceso de esta manera: “Durante los segmentos de las audiciones a ciegas, mantenemos un bajo perfil de la iluminación para no distraer la atención de los jueces y su interacción con los participantes, así que no utilizamos las luces en movimiento, pero al mismo tiempo debemos crear diferencias sutiles que ayuden a distinguir a cada intérprete. Una vez que entramos al segmento en vivo, empleamos la iluminación para captar la máxima energía y desbordar el entusiasmo dentro del programa”

El espectáculo de luces diseñado por Silva ofreció un gran apoyo a cada una de las diferentes etapas del programa. “Nuestros productores están muy complacidos con lo que hemos logrado”, dijo el LD. “Tal vez Portugal no represente las mayores cifras de audiencia de la franquicia, pero nos sentimos orgullosos del impacto creativo que hemos aportado a “The Voice”. Y al ver el resultado de los impresionantes efectos visuales logrados por Sliva y su equipo, honestamente nadie puede cuestionarlo.


Dancing with the Stars Mexico Shines with NEXUS!

It’s great to hear that Mexico’s “Dancing with the Stars” is back on the air!  Even sweeter in the show is the addition of NEXUS 4×4 panels throughout the design!  We’ve posted this one in English and Spanish for the large Spanish-speaking audience!

After a prolonged absence, “Dancing with the Stars” returned triumphantly to the Mexican television presenting its third season, and concluded their emissions levels achieved unusual audience surely ensure its permanence for future emissions.

During the competition in which 12 celebrities making with 12 “dreamers”, NEXUS ™ 4×4 for CHAUVET ® Professional will was present along all galas and final stages of this extraordinary production, forming a vital part in the design of lighting sumptuous setting that is installed and that was key to captivate an immense following and viewers.

After 77 days of work, more than 300 hours of testing by couples, and choreographies 148, 4×4 NEXUS highlighted not only by the reliability of its performance, but also for its versatility and high gloss offered to lighting designers of the television one great tool for stunning scenes wore spectacular lighting for the cameras.


Salsa, Cumbia, Tango, Disco; regardless of the musical genre played by participants through dance, NEXUS 4×4 permanently helped create the ideal to promote unsurpassed performances, full of energy and emotion environment.

The NEXUS ™ 4×4 of CHAUVET® Professional is a highly versatile light that can be used to achieve powerful light baths, blinding effects to the public, or to generate text or graphics with pixel mapping option. Each panel 463 x 463 mm with 16 RGB LEDs 27 watts of COB technology and a diffuser designed to produce artfully blended colors and uniforms.

The integrated the insurance (inter-lock) system NEXUS ™ 4×4 building structures of any size and shape in a few minutes, and operation options include the Art-Net ™, Kling-Net and DMX protocols through Neutrik connections ® and ™ etherCON XLR pin 3 and 5 incorporated. The power supply is made ​​quickly and safely with Neutrik ® connectors powerCON ™ way.

Chauvet and Sons of Mexico is honored to participate in “Dancing for a Dream” and in many of the major projects of the station, providing an increasing number of fixtures and equipment that help provide all kinds of solutions to free the imagination lighting designers and expand choices and creative producers of the most successful television programs in Mexico and Latin America.

Y ahora, en español para nuestra audiencia de habla española en todo el mundo!


Luego de una prolongada ausencia, “Bailando por un Sueño” regresó triunfalmente a la televisión mexicana con la presentación de su tercera temporada, y concluyó sus emisiones logrando niveles de audiencia inusitados que seguramente asegurarán su permanencia para futuras emisiones.

Durante la competencia en la que participaron 12 celebridades haciendo pareja con 12 “soñadores”, NEXUS™ 4×4 deCHAUVET® Professional estuvo presente a lo largo de todas las galas y etapas finales de esta extraordinaria producción, formando parte vital en el diseño de iluminación del suntuoso escenario que se montó y que fue clave para cautivar a una inmensa cantidad de seguidores y televidentes.

Tras 77 días de trabajo, más de 300 horas de ensayo por pareja, y 148 coreografías, 
NEXUS 4×4 destacó no solamente por la confiabilidad de su desempeño, sino también por su versatilidad e intenso brillo que ofreció a los diseñadores de iluminación de la televisora una gran herramienta para obtener sorprendentes escenas de iluminación que lucieron espectaculares ante las cámaras.

Salsa, Cumbia, Tango, Disco; sin importar el género musical interpretado por los participantes a través de la danza, 
NEXUS 4×4 contribuyó permanentemente a crear el ambiente ideal para propiciar actuaciones insuperables, cargadas de energía y emotividad.


NEXUS™ 4×4 de 
CHAUVET® Professional es una luminaria de gran versatilidad que puede utilizarse para lograr potentes baños de luz, efectos de cegadora hacia el público, o para generar textos o gráficos con la opción de mapa de pixeles. Cada panel de 463 x 463 mm cuenta con 16 LEDs RGB de 27 watts de tecnología COB y un difusor ingeniosamente diseñado para producir mezclas de colores intensos y uniformes.

El sistema integrado de seguros (inter-lock) del 
NEXUS™ 4×4 permite construir estructuras de cualquier tamaño y forma en pocos minutos, y las opciones de operación incluyen los protocolos Art™-Net, Kling-Net y DMX a través de las conexiones Neutrik® etherCON™ y XLR de 3 y 5 pines incorporadas. La alimentación de energía se hace de manera rápida y segura con conectores Neutrik® powerCON™.

Chauvet and Sons de México se siente honrado de participar en “Bailando por un Sueño” y en muchos de los grandes proyectos de la televisora, proporcionando cada vez un mayor número de luminarias y equipos que contribuyen a proveer todo tipo de soluciones para liberar la imaginación de los diseñadores de iluminación y ampliar las opciones a productores y creativos de los programas más exitosos de la televisión en México y América Latina.