CHAUVET Professional ÉPIX and Nexus Add Flair To Martin Audio Launch

What better way to launch a groundbreaking audio product that to highlight it with a glittering display from state-of-the-art lighting products!  That was the thinking of Martin Audio when it called upon a collection of ÉPIX and Nexus fixtures to add extra glitter to an already dazzling launch event for its revolutionary CDD installation series of loudspeakers.


Held at the Kap Europa Conference Centre during Prolight + Sound, the event marked the first live demo of Martin’s CDD series products, which combine distinctive curved enclosures with unique Coaxial Differential Dispersion™ technology to deliver ultimate coverage consistency from a stylish enclosure. Guests at the event had the opportunity to walk the coverage pattern of a singular CDD12. A bar room set up at the event allowed visitors to listen to the smaller enclosures, and a specially constructed nightclub zone provided an opportunity to appreciate the more full-on sound, with the CDD15 and the double 18 subs (CSX218).

Contributing to the club-like atmosphere of the event were the high output CHAUVET Professional fixtures, which were arranged on the same trussing that held the loudspeakers. A total of 33 ÉPIX Bar 2.0 pixel mappable tri-color SMD LED bars and seven Nexus Aw 7×7 warm white LED panels were used at the event. The vivid pixelated colors of the ÉPIX dressed the trussing around the Martin loudspeakers; whilst the sharp narrow beams of the Nexus Aw 7×7 created a blinder effect to enhance the nightclub atmosphere.

The performance of the CHAUVET Professional fixtures created a positive impression on James King, Marketing Director of Martin Audio. “The relationship with CHAUVET Professional kicked off at ISE when they helped us with our inaugural demo this year, and so when it came to the pivotal launch event for CDD, we were delighted to have their support once again,” he said. “CHAUVET Professional always gives that extra dimension to our presentations and demonstrations and the CDD event was a total success, with many saying it was the best event Martin Audio had ever laid on.”

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TV Show in Puerto Rico Shines with CHAUVET Professional

For a fun TV show on Puerto Rico’s Wapa channel, “Risas en Combo,” Lighting Designer Juan Carlos Gonzalez used the award-winning Nexus 4×4, Q-Wash 560-Z LED wash lights, COLORado Batten 72 Tour LED battens and Ovation C-640FC cyc lights. Richard Vicens served as Lighting Programmer and Technical Support, while the gear was supplied by Musique Xpress Lighting in Puerto Rico.




Calibash Goes NEXUS 4×4!!


LOS ANGELES – Ten of Latin music’s most glittering stars were shining on the Staples Center Stage for Calibash recently, and a dozen Nexus 4 x 4 panels from CHAUVET Professional were there to support them step by glittering step. Production manager William Cortes of Link Productions and LD Brandon Dunning of Visions Lighting used the intensely bright LED panels to create bands of dazzling light on massive circular downstage truss at one of North America’s premier Latin music festivals.

Pixel mapped to display graphical and video images that support the performances on stage by artists like Pitbull, Don Omar, Carlos Vives, Wisin, Becky G and others, the Nexus panels served as kind of a crown jewel for the massive lighting array, which was anchored by circular truss set ups of 100’, 60’, 40’ and 20’. “This was without a doubt a powerful display for a powerful show,” said Todd Roberts, president of Visions Lighting. “The level of excitement and anticipation that you see at Calibash is intense, so you want a lightshow that matches that mood.”

The Nexus panels were essential to setting an appropriately bold tone at the concert, according to Roberts. “We used the Nexus panels as audience blinders and they were plenty bright,” he said. “Most of the time we ran them at 100% brightness and if you know the Nexus, you know how intense that is! The 12 panels we had on the downstage truss lit up the entire Staples Center. It was quite impressive.”


A grandMA console was used to control the Nexus panel, and ArKaos MediaMaster Pro was used to pixel map the units. The images on the panels were part of a general pixel mapped theme that covered the entire stage to deepen audience engagement.

Creating this pixel mapped presentation in a short setup time period was the main challenge with this project, noted Roberts. “The only big issue we had to contend with was the time frame for setup,” he said. “We had to load in at 4:00 am and be ready for rehearsal at 10:00 am, and we had 37 different video surfaces to map. This required a lot of teamwork on our crew’s part, but we finished everything for rehearsal and were able to put the stage in place at 9:45. We were actually fifteen minutes early!”

Of course, anyone who saw this amazing concert had no idea about the frantic rush to set up 37 mapped video surfaces, a combined 220’ of circular truss and a large array of lighting fixtures. “We got a lot of great comments on the lighting rig,” said Roberts. “William Cortes, who was responsible for hiring us, gave a lot of great props to our team. We all wanted to make a big statement on stage, and certainly Nexus helped us turn up the lighting volume.”

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NEXUS, Visions Lighting, and Invasion Del Corrido!

Invasion Del Corrido has been out rocking the NEXUS 4×4 LED pixel mapping panels from CHAUVET Professional, bringing magic light to their already musically magic show!  Check it out!!!

Chauvet Del Corido 2

LOS ANGELES – (For Immediate Release) – Latin music is as richly diverse, complex and enthralling as the cultures that gave it to the world. From Latin pop to Tejano and mariachi, this broad musical genre covers a range of emotions; so too do the reggae and created reggaeton sounds of Jamaica. The combined emotional power of these two rich musical forces was on full display at the Staples Center during the sold out Invasion Del Corrido concert.
Keeping pace with the swirling passion, color and intensity of the music on stage was a dynamic lighting design created by LD Brandon Dunning of Visions Lighting (Brea, CA). At the heart of Dunning’s design was a series of truss structures energized by incredibly bright pixel mapped Nexus 4×4 LED panels from CHAUVET Professional.

Dunning used 20 of the Nexus panels controlled with an ArKaos LED Mapper. (He ran the rig using a grandMA 2 Light Console.) Eight of the Nexus panels were hung inside a 30’ x 25’ upstage circular truss structure. The other 12 Nexus units were arranged three each on the four 10’ truss towers that accented the stage.

Chauvet Del Corido

By displaying pixel mapped breakout patterns on the Nexus panels and varying the intensity of their output (he ran a mixture of 110v and 208v), Dunning was able to reflect the diverse range of musical moods in light. “The Nexus panels are very versatile fixtures, so they allow you to cover a range of moods and images,” he said. “A lot of different artists performed at Invasion Del Corrido and we wanted to create a lightshow that supported each of them.

“As far as pixel mapping was concerned, I used a lot of media that had lines and color changing, along with some high DEF media loops,” continued the LD. “Running the same patterns on all of the truss hung Nexus panels really tied the whole stage together and created an engaging look for the audience.”

Dunning also praised the intense output of the Nexus fixtures. “At key points in the program, we unleashed the Nexus units as blinders,” he said. “It was very impressive. You don’t have to run these fixtures at full output to get brightness at this level. Everyone loved the way our design looked.”

Aside from relying on high performance products, Dunning credits his team with making Invasion Del Corrido’s lighting design a success. “We benefited from the great video work done by Jairo Ortiz. All of us were excited working on this project; when you hear the passion in the music it’s hard not to get excited.”

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Steve Lieberman Uses NEXUS and EPIX for XS Las Vegas


LAS VEGAS – You have to stand out to stay ahead in Las Vegas; nowhere is this more apparent than at XS. The award-winning club at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas has led Nightclub & Bar’s Top 100 list for an unprecedented six years. Never one to rest on its laurels, the team at XS has continuously sought out new ways to provide guests with an unparalleled nightlife experience, whether it’s by bringing in the most sought-after DJs or taking a great lighting design to the next level of technology.

Renowned nightclub Lighting Designer Steve Lieberman of SJ Lighting is intimately familiar with the latter point. The creative force behind many leading nightclub lighting designs, Lieberman was engaged to work his magic on XS and give the club a new, more technology driven look. He met this challenge with a bold futuristic design that drew on the pixel mapping power of the Nexus Aw 7×7 warm white LED panels and ÉPIX Strip 2.0 LED strips from CHAUVET Professional.


“I’ve enjoyed a good relationship with the team at XS,” said Lieberman. “When XS managing partner Jesse Waits announced that they were ready to take the next step at the club in terms of lighting, we put our heads together to come up with a state-of-the-art concept. They wanted to incorporate newer technology into the design so they could stay ahead of the competition. We built our design with pixel mappable fixtures such as Nexus and ÉPIX, which could do things that weren’t possible when the club was originally conceptualized.”

Among the high-tech features that Lieberman incorporated into his design was a custom designed DJ booth. “We wanted a booth that allowed the DJ to face front and back,” said Lieberman. “We created a 3D video screen with six cubes that displays video on four sides to create a sense of depth.”

Once the DJ booth was constructed, Lieberman turned his attention to the overall design of the venue. His goal: to use lighting to create a completely immersive experience in the club, making every aspect of the room an interwoven nexus of light, music and energy.

“When I looked at the room I wanted to highlight all of its architectural elements with tech driven visual excitement,” said Lieberman.


Lieberman lined the walls, archways and soffits of the club with 80 Nexus Aw 7×7 panels. Using a MADRIX controller with a grandMA console, visual elements are pixel mapped throughout the venue via the Nexus units.

While the Nexus panels unify the visual landscape at XS, the ÉPIX Strip 2.0 units and struts that support the large DJ video panel provide greater depth and detail to key scenic elements. Like the Nexus panels, this technology is pixel mapped to display images that coordinate with video.

“Everything in this room works together,” said Lieberman. “Technology has given us great new tools to create more movement and add unity to lighting designs. We wanted to use this capability to create something cutting-edge and unique at XS – it’s what this club is known for.”

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Nexus Aw 7×7, Steve Lieberman, and ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2015!

It doesn’t really matter what Steve Lieberman uses to make lighting magic, but we are super glad he likes the Nexus Aw 7×7 from CHAUVET Professional!  Check THIS out!


MIAMI – All eyes were on the Worldwide Stage at the Ultra Music Festival, and why not? With a superstar studded lineup of the crème de la crème of the EDM world performing, plus a surprise two-song appearance by Ariana Grande, the thousands of fans at the Worldwide Stage pavilion were transfixed by the scene on stage. This year, the awestruck crowd did more than look at the stage, they had their collective vision funneled into it, thanks to a commanding lighting and truss design by Steve Lieberman of SJ Lighting.

Lieberman’s design concept was developed around a massive double winged truss structure that resembled an arched bridge. The abutment at one end of this bridge started at the edge of the concert pavilion; the other end was anchored behind the stage itself. This end of the bridge ran across the entire 60-foot width of the stage.


A line of 12 intense Nexus Aw 7×7 warm white LED panels from CHAUVET Professional ran across the structure behind the DJ booth. Overhead were 36 additional Nexus Aw 7×7 panels on two curved rows at the base of the bridge arch that sloped toward the stage.

This combination of arched trussing and intense light over the stage and behind the DJ booth focused the crowd’s collective vision. This allowed everyone to absorb a full view of the stage design regardless of where they were standing. “What I wanted to do was center the crowd’s vision,” said Lieberman. “The way we arched two truss structures pulled you into the stage and gave you a 180 degree perspective no matter where you were standing.”

The idea for this mesmerizing arched design occurred to Lieberman after he observed his work at last year’s Ultra festival. “Everyone was thrilled with the design in 2014,” said the LD. “Still when I looked at it, I knew there was one thing I definitely wanted to change. Last year I noticed that when some people migrated toward the edges of the viewing area – as they always do – they wound up looking at the sides of my stage.”

Determined to give the crowd a more complete viewing experience, Lieberman vowed to create a design that allowed everyone to see the whole stage regardless of where they stood. He also wanted something super bright there to make things popped. This is where the Nexus Aw 7×7 came in. “Having these fixtures behind the DJ and overhead on the arched truss was essential to energizing the stage and the crowd,” said the LD. “Audience blinders are critical at a festival and the Chauvet panels excelled in this regard. We ran them at 100-percent and they dominated. We had a lot of high output movers and the panels did more than keep up. Another thing I liked about the panels is that their beam is not only very bright, it’s also very narrow so it really works well with fog.”


In addition to using the Nexus Aw 7×7 panels as blinders, Lieberman relied on them to serve as header displays and for pixel mapping breakout images as well as chase scenes. “The efficiency of having one fixture that can do so many different things so well is a plus,” he said. “It’s sweet that these panels can be killer blinders one second, then pixel mappable the next. Plus I like that they have an incandescent look, but at the same time they’re LED fixtures with all the advantages of that technology.”

Lieberman gave the Nexus Aw 7×7 high marks in every facet of their performance on the Worldwide Stage. “I love that these fixtures have the incandescence of a blinder, the efficiency of an LED and the pixel mapping capabilities of the 21st century,” said the LD. “I wanted to pull people into the stage and Nexus certainly helped me accomplish that goal.”

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NEXUS and REND COLLECTIVE – March Lighting Insights!

Have you seen Tyler Santangelo rock his NEXUS units out with Rend Collective?  It’s truly a sight to see!

From the March 2015 Lighting Insights article:

When lighting designer Tyler Santangelo decided that floating diamonds would look better than squares on the stage for the Irish Christian experimental group Rend Collective, he simply adjusted the Nexus panels on his rig and created a new look. This was the first (but certainly not the last) time that Santangelo got to appreciate the versatility of the intense COB LED panels from CHAUVET Professional.

As the LD on the Rend Collective tour, which has crisscrossed the globe from Sioux Falls to West Sussex and Manhattan to Budapest, Santangelo has frequently called on the Nexus panels to create new looks to fit different venues and keep pace with spontaneous flow of the group’s performance.

Check it out!