Ovation E-190WW Meets An Early Rosco Prismatic Gobo!

Digging through the Lux Laboratory here at CHAUVET Professional, we discovered some original Rosco Prismatics gobos.  Of COURSE our initial thought was “Hey!  Let’s stick these in an Ovation E-190WW!”

The results were great, they were so crisp and colorful!  Check it out!

ovation-e190ww-rosco-prismatics-1 ovation-e190ww-rosco-prismatics-4 ovation-e190ww-rosco-prismatics-8 ovation-e190ww-rosco-prismatics-6 ovation-e190ww-rosco-prismatics-9 ovation-e190ww-rosco-prismatics-3 ovation-e190ww-rosco-prismatics-2 ovation-e190ww-rosco-prismatics-7 ovation-e190ww-rosco-prismatics-5



Ovation E-190WW LED Ellipsoidal Wins the WFX 2013 Best LED Fixture Award!


We have exciting news to share this morning!  WFX 2013 has awarded the Chauvet Professional Ovation E-190WW LED ellipsoidal with the Best LED Fixture Award in their New Product Technology 2013 Competition!

We are so very honored and humbled to win this award!  Check out some photos of the seminar and the award winner, Ovation E-190WW!

Ovation-WFX-award-5 Ovation-WFX-award-3 Ovation-WFX-award-2 Ovation-WFX-award-1