Elite Multimedia Helps Maranatha Fellowship Go CHAUVET Professional!


ST. ALBANS, WV – Reminders of St. Albans’ rich history are everywhere in this picturesque small town at the confluence of the Kanawha and Coal Rivers. There’s a monument honoring one of the area’s first property owners, George Washington, who worked as a surveyor here prior to the American Revolution and a plaque commemorating some of the oldest Native America artifacts found in the US. When visitors step inside the town’s Maranatha Fellowship Church, however, they’re instantly transported into a thoroughly modern 21st century worship environment.

Elite Multimedia of Nashville, TN worked closely with Kelly Casebolt, Maranatha’s Media Manager, to give the church’s worship center a bold, more engaging new look using some of the latest technological tools available. At the center of their design is a 40-foot wide HD SDI video screen with triple wide projection and flanked by additional LCD screens. Complementing the massive video display and lending vibrant colors to the stage are a collection of LED fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.

Maranatha Fellowship’s new lighting design features four COLORado Batten 72 Tour RGBW linear fixtures and eight Q-Wash 560Z-LED moving washes. “We used the battens as an upstage wash on the wall to help the image and depth with the camera angles for broadcast applications,” said Wade Russell, the Lead Systems Integrator for Elite Multimedia, noting that Maranatha streams video services on Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday evening. The eight Q-Wash 560Z-LED moving fixtures are mounted on the downstage front bar to provide “essential color wash across the stage.”

With the video display making such a powerful statement in Maranatha’s worship center, it was essential to achieve balance on the church’s stage with an equally impressive visual element, which is why Elite Multimedia specified the Q-Wash 560Z-LED for this design. A powerful fixture with a robust output (13,100 lux at 5 meters) from 91 RGBWA Cree LEDs, the Chauvet wash is capable of creating everything from soft pastels to bold primary colors, presenting all of them in an array of captivating displays, thanks in part to its 6°-32° variable beam angle.

“This is an excellent fixture,” said Russell of the Q-Wash unit. “The variable beam angle provided a great advantage in for us in this application. We also love the COLORado Batten 72 Tour fixture for the functionality, size and the price point.”


As befits such a forward-looking house of worship, Maranatha serves its congregation and community in a variety of ways that go beyond traditional Sunday services. The church uses its worship center for youth activities, Passion Plays and a variety of other activities. According to Russell, the versatile color rendering capabilities of the Q-Wash moving washes and COLORado Battens helps the church change the atmosphere in its worship center to meet different needs.

“The Chauvet fixtures have been great at producing a wide range of colors that change the feel of the room completely,” he said. “Kelly Casebolt, who oversees the media department, and the all-volunteer based team of operators have been phenomenal at running the lighting system. Overall, the church has welcomed the changes with open arms. They’re all excited about the functionality of this system and thrilled with how it allows them to create many different looks for worship services and productions.”

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British Artistic Gymnastics Championships, with CHAUVET Professional!

British Gymnastics saw a beautiful ceremony… with some help from CHAUVET Professional’s Q-Wash 560Z-LED!  Check it out!


LIVERPOOL, UK – Excelling in gymnastics requires a high level of adroitness and flexibility, two qualities that the Q-Wash 560Z-LED moving RGBWA wash from CHAUVET Professional has in abundance. Perhaps that’s why the fixture proved to be so popular at the 2015 Men’s and Women’s British Artistic Gymnastics Championships held at Echo Arena.

Lighting designer Stephen Jolly arranged eight Q-Wash 560Z-LED fixtures provided by Novum AV on either side of the podium, where Olympians and other top gymnasts from throughout the world participated in an array of competitions covering the power horse, rings and floor exercises. Spaced approximately 7m apart, the wash fixtures filled an important dual role during the event, serving as color washes at some points, then working with high output aerial beam effects at other points.

“The Q-Washes enabled us to create some simple colour across the podium, light parts of the arena seating and then bounce colour off the roof of the arena,” said Tim Jacques, Commercial Director of Norum AV. “What made the Q-Washes so well suited for this project was their combination of a wide zoom and tight beam angle. When these fixtures were in a tight – 6° – beam, they did not look out of place at all with the bigger beam fixtures we used for some of our looks. At the same time, the Q-Washes were equally suited for washing the arena in large blocks of colour.”


Jacques notes that the light weight of the Q-Wash fixtures also helped during setup at the arena when time was of the essence. “Our time frame was quite tight,” he said. “As well as lighting, we also supplied staging, sound, pyro, video and cameras.

“Our entire production kit needed to be rigged within 12 hours,” he continued. “There were some 250-plus stage decks being installed at the same time as the load-in, so detailed planning was required from all involved. We controlled our lights with an Avolites Tiger Touch Pro. The whole show was preprogrammed using Polar Capture software, so we walked in with a fully programmed show, which helped things go smoothly.”

The production kit also included six Geyser RGB water-based foggers from CHAUVET Professional’s sister company CHAUVET DJ. Shooting fog 7.62m (25’) in the air, the effect lights the plume with its RGB LEDs, creating a sensational and colorful image. At the gymnastics championship, four of the Geysers were arranged around the performance platform in the center of the arena and two were positioned under grills at the venue’s entrance.

“As gymnasts walked in, the Geysers under the stage would fire, as if coloured smoke was appearing from nowhere on the stage,” said Jacques. “The Geysers around the floor were used more during the medal ceremonies as the gymnasts took their awards.”

Everyone involved in the event, from its organizers to its audience, was impressed by the colorful fog as well as the entire lightshow. “The client commented that this year’s event was the best yet – and we were over the moon,” said Jacques. “The reaction from the audience was great; people really engaged with the presentation.” Indeed, if they gave out awards for fixtures during this event, the Q-Wash 560Z-LED and Geyser RGB might well have won gold medals.


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CHAUVET Professional Supports Wakefield’s Backstage Academy with Q-Wash 560Z


Here at Chauvet Professional, we love to help the next generations of budding lighting designers, technicians, and touring professionals learn their respective crafts!  Students at Wakefield’s Backstage Academy in Yorkshire, UK, benefited from a donation of four CHAUVET Professional Q-Wash 560Z-LED fixtures, which offered them the opportunity to really get some hands-on moving head experience.  The moving washes integrated by the students at the Backstage Academy into one of the school’s main lighting rigs.

Product specialist for Chauvet UK, Sam Bowden said: “Chauvet is a great believer in the talent of the future, and frequently hires staff who have just completed technical courses. We feel it is essential to support and aid the fresh blood coming into the industry not just to continue to push live events forward in terms of the product available but also to see the unique and varying ways that people use it.”






Chauvet Attends JTSE 2012 in Paris

CHAUVET® Professional and its French distributor Algam recently participated in the 16th Salon International des Techniques du Spectacle in Paris. A variety of fixtures were on display, such as eye-candy pixel-mapping Nexus™ 4×4, luminaires for theater and stage Ovation™ E-190WW LED and Ovation™ F-165WW LED, sharp and bright moving yoke Legend™ 230SR Beam, versatile wash lights Q-Wash™ 436Z-LED and Q-Wash™ 560Z-LED, moving yoke spot Q-Spot™ 460-LED, pixel-mapping Legend™ 412, linear light COLORdash™ Batten-Quad 6, PAR-style fixtures COLORdash™ Par-Quad 7 and COLORdash™ Par-Quad 18.


LD Profile: Roberto Penso

Six questions with Venezuelan Lighting Designer Roberto Penso, the artist behind the Miss Venezuela pageants from 2007 until now. Penso has worked with various artists from Venezuela and other countries, including Franco De Vita, Carlos Vives, Ricardo Montaner and many others.

1. How did you get into this field? 
I started my career in lighting by doing laser shows about 27 years ago. One day the managers of a famous singer called me to do a laser show for a tour, and I agreed to it with the condition to add lights to the lasers. I had studied lighting for theater, but I knew that I had to study more and really get into the lighting design. Also, photography and film have always been two of my passions, and they just went hand in hand with lighting.

2. What do you think is the next big thing in the lighting industry?
Without a doubt, the biggest developments in the lighting industry in the past 30 years have included the incorporation of automated fixtures, of digital controllers and now of LED technology (lights and displays). More recently I have noticed a great development in the hydraulic systems: everything moves, everything changes, and a good example here is Madonna’s MDNA Tour. As a comment related to these advancements, it would bring me great joy to see more professionals in Latin America willing to learn more and educate themselves in lighting design and in the appropriate use of the new technologies. It concerns me to see that any person who can record a cue on a console calls himself/herself a designer. The best fixtures and consoles cannot compensate for the lack of education among lighting designers, programmers and operators. For example, one big error of beginners and of many experienced professionals is the desire to bring a great number of effects in front of the audience and to light all of the fixtures at the same time, without focusing on the stage and on the artists, which is our main goal. I have seen so many shows with the same effects and with just a few cues during the entire show, which gave the impression that the show was designed by the console and not by the lighting designer.

Some lighting designers don’t understand that the show is for the entertainment of the audience; they are paying for the show, and our lighting is an extension of what happens on stage, of the music and of the artists that perform on stage. Unfortunately, they end up creating the lighting design for themselves, without taking into consideration the different angles, the atmosphere, the factor of surprise, timing, etc. Basically, they show you everything in the first 5 minutes. Each person in the audience wants to see an amazing show, no matter where they are seated. And the same happens with the audio and video elements. Speaking of technology, I would like to see better LED fixtures, but we need to learn how to use them. They are much more than lights with pretty colors: they consume very little, and last for a long time; it’s enough to light a person in the front with an LED light to realize there is still a long road to go. It seems like there isn’t enough creativity these days. Almost all TV shows have the same look and all the lights are on at the same time. Most rely too much on the console to do all the work.

3. Do you have a favorite fixture (and why)?
It depends on the role of the fixture, but my favorite one has always been the moving yoke from Vari-Lite VL5 (now VL-500), for its simplicity and unbeatable optical and color quality, next to the spot and profile fixtures VL-3015LT and Best Boy from PRG, which are my current favorites. I am a firm admirer of Jim Bornhorst, whose vision and talent inspired my career. I also enjoy each opportunity I have to work with the linear fixture from CHAUVET® Professional COLORado™ Batten 72 Tour. Its amber LEDs allow me to add more saturation to my shows and offer a wide selection of colors and color temperature correction. Also, the Q-Wash™ 560-Z LED from CHAUVET® Professional has proved indispensable in the Miss Venezuela pageant 2012, when I used 18 of them as washes. They performed incredibly well thanks to a great zoom and high index CRI, which allowed me an excellent color balance on a stage of low height and critical levels of color, where you have to light more ‘skin’ than anything else; but at the same time you need a stage rich in color and saturation because they record in high definition.

4. What has been your favorite design/project?
A classic is Pink Floyd’s “Pulse” and the tour of Genesis “Abacad,” where Vari-lite VL1 made its debut. I had the opportunity to go to one of its concert when they stopped in Philadelphia in 1981. But truly, I admire more the lighting designers than the actual shows: Marc Brickman, Peter Morse, Alan Owen, Patrick Woodrofe, Roy Bennett, Willie Williams and for TV, without a doubt Bob Dickingson, which are from the old school. Some of the artists I had the pleasure to collaborate with are Franco De Vita, Ricardo Montaner in particular, also many singers from Venezuela and Colombia and various from the United States. I have worked for 18 years with Ricardo, which I enjoyed very much, because his musical style allowed me to be more creative and theatrical. But Basically I have worked with all internationally acclaimed artists of Venezuela, also for a great number of festivals, concerts and special programs for DirecTV, HBO and other TV channels.

5. What was the biggest unforeseen obstacle that you’ve faced in one of your designs, and how did you overcome it?
My biggest challenge has always been to convince the ‘producers’ that ‘Good, beautiful and cheap’ does not exist! Quality comes with a price. Many times I preferred making less money and transferring the difference into better lighting. It’s just like an artist who has a vision for a piece of art but doesn’t have the necessary tools, nor enough paint! These artists sometimes eat only bread and drink water so they can paint. On the personal side, the most difficult has been to overcome the stress that comes with waking up in the middle of a flight or in a hotel room without knowing what you are doing there or where you are going. I think this is something that all of us suffer, having to spend more time making shows than living a ‘normal’ life.

6. Complete this thought: A show without lights is like…
…melted ice cream. It has no shape, it’s not refreshing, it doesn’t make you want for more. But, ironically, nothing is worse than a show with too many lights! In reality, if you have a good reason to light something, one single fixture is enough to give meaning to everything.


CHAUVET® Fires Up Prom Night in California

CHAUVET® Professional lights entertained a big crowd of seniors during an unforgettable prom night at The Observatory, in Santa Ana, Calif. Kris Plourde of N-Effect Productions used 52 MVP™ 18 video panels to augment the existing lighting in the venue, which includes 24 Q-Spot™ 560-LED and 16 Q-Wash™ 560Z-LED. The permanent installation of spot and wash lights was completed by Rat Sound Systems rental company.

Tesoro Prom 2012 N-EFFECT Promo from DJ KRIS P. on Vimeo.


CHAUVET® Professional Booth Stands Tall at InfoComm 2012

Maybe it was the impressive 30-feet height, or the colorful light and music show that ran every half an hour, or the 300 fixtures lighting in harmony the 20-by-40-feet space. Or, might have been all of the above that drew hundreds of visitors to our booth at this year’s InfoComm show in Las Vegas.

“I think it was the best booth we have ever done overall, as far as design and execution,” said Mike Graham, product manager for CHAUVET® Professional. “It was well planned and everything came together smoothly.”

We launched the new line of trussing called TRUSST® and we announced new fixtures, like PVP™ S7 high-definition video panels, VID™ 100 video drape, Q-Spot™ 360-LED and Q-Spot™ 460-LED moving yokes, COLORado™ 1-Quad IP wash light and WELL™ 2.0 wireless wash light. Our ILUMINARC® brand of fixtures suited for the architainment industry saw the addition of two new luminaires, the Ilumipanel 40 IP and Ilumipod 18g2 IP.

The booth was built around a large video wall, made of 142 video panels of various resolutions. A walkway of 38 Legend™ 412 and Legend™ 412 VW pixel-mapping moving yokes visually guided visitors to a tall wall made of 66 MVP™ 18 and 28 MVP™ 12 video panels, and 48 PVP™ S7 high-definition video panels. The panels, ÉPIX™ Bar batten-style pixel-mapping fixtures and VID™ 100 video drape ran with ArKaos MediaMaster Express™ software.

ÉPIX™ Bar lights placed vertically formed a luminous crown on the semi-circular truss, also loaded with Q-Spot™ 560-LED and Q-Wash™ 560Z-LED fixtures. Framing each video section  were COLORado™ Zoom Tour lights, COLORado™ 2 Zoom Tour and COLORado™ 1-Quad Tour wash fixtures. Twenty-three COLORdash™ Accent VW discreetly lit the display pieces of truss from the TRUSST® line.

Lighting Designer Alex Ares programmed the entire rig with a grandMA console and used about 180 cues. “I think it was one of the best looking booths at the show,” Ares said. “And it worked as a perfect example of what you can use in small tours.” Ares has been the lighting designer for the TV show “Duets” on ABC, the Country Music Awards (CMA), CMA Music Festival and more.

The video content for the seven-and-a-half main show was created in-house, by CHAUVET® Video Production Specialist Todd Murray. “We wanted the show to be raw and edgy, and to give the viewer different looks during each segment of the video,” Murray said. “The music was carefully selected to match every segment, and aimed for a concert-like experience, more than a technology-based booth at a trade show.”

Enjoy the video loop and light show which ran in the CHAUVET® Professional booth: