USITT! Booth #1013! CHAUVET Professional! Come Say Hi!

Happy Wednesday, lighting industry! This is a special week, tomorrow (Thursday, March 19, 2015) is the opening of the 2015 USITT Conference and Stage Expo here in Cincinnati, OH!


CHAUVET Professional is here, and we’re looking forward to seeing all of you on the USITT show floor tomorrow morning! The show floor opens at 10am, and we’re right up at the front in Booth #1013, some come on by and check out what we’re offering the Entertainment Lighting community – new technology, super performing moving head spots and washes, and an industry firstthe first LED ERS and Fresnel that can operate on both a conventional dimmer, meet the Ovation ED-190WW and Ovation FD-165WW, two of the newest developments in technology in our industry!

We’re showing off some of our other awesome products at the USITT show as well, like the ROGUE R2 Spot, our LED powerhouse moving head spot, and the ROGUE R2 Wash, our brightest LED wash in the ROGUE line. The ROGUE series is excellent for theatrical endeavors across all genres of theatrical entertainment – Opera, Dance, Theatre, Musical Theatre, and workshopped performances. ROGUE R2 Series spot and wash heads are reliable, LED powered, value-driven, and popular across all genres of entertainment, from La Traviata to Garth Brooks!

We’re very proud to bring the Ovation C-640FC LED cyc light to the USITT audience – we’ve got a top and bottom design of the excellent C-640FC cyc light on a hand-painted Ann Davis piece from Chicago, Illinois, please com on by and watch the LED wash bring the already amazing hand-painted drop to life! That’s what the C-640FC is known for – bright color mixing and a wash coverage that is every bit as good as what you can dream up, minus all the power consumption!

We’re very excited to show off our wonderful LED houselight, the Ovation H-105WW, which features Remote Device Management (RDM), multiple power configurations, and the ability to hang the unit as a pendant or sconce in your venue.


On the focus bench with the ED-190WW and FD-165WW sits the H-105WW Houselight, the newly released MIN-E-10WW mini-ERS (the perfect complement to the ED-190WW and E-190WW LED ellipsoidals), the new COLORdash Accent Quad single-source RGBA washer, the COLORdash Par Hex 12 LED wash unit that has an amazing color configuration of RGBAWUV, and the venerable COLORado 2 Quad Zoom Tour, the perfect replacement for any conventional wash – except the COLORado 2 Quad Zoom Tour features a wide zoom range, low power consumption, an incredible field of output, and RGBWE color mixing. It’s truly an LED color washing powerhouse!

Come on by Booth #1013 this week at the USITT Conference and Stage Expo here in Cincinnati, Ohio at the Duke Energy Arena!  DeAnna Padgett, Dwight Slamp, Ben Dickmann, and Jim Hutchison will be in the booth to answer any and all questions you have about going CHAUVET Professional! We look forward to saying hi!


Rogue & Nexus Rock NYE Party in The Bahamas

CHAUVET Professional rocked the New Years White party organized at the Albany Resort, a luxury resort community on the island of New Providence in The Bahamas. Spectrum Light & Sound full-service lighting and audio company based in The Bahamas provided a great selection of gear, including 20 Nexus 4×4 pixel-mapping panels, 12 Rogue R1 Spot moving head lights, 4 Q-Spot 560 fixtures and 4 Q-Wash 560 wash lights. Here are some cool shots from the party:








ROGUE!  It’s making waves all across Mother Earth!  Check out some of this great news from Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Australia — everywhere they go, ROGUE is making a great impact on people’s design sensibilities!



From Australia’s ALIA Magazine:


From Asia’s Entertainment Technology Asia Magazine:


From DoctorProAudio Magazine in Latin America:


…and from SONOMAG in Europe:,Go,bancs-essais,chauvet-rogue-r2-beam,Id,5338.html



Rogue R2 Spot Splashes Light at Pool Party in Budapest

Eight Rogue R2 Spot moving head fixtures spiced up a couple of pool parties at Széchenyi Bath in Budapest. The fixtures were supplied by Hungarian distributor Pako, via the rental company Bluestar DJ Backline. 2014 Parnelli Award nominee for Indispensable Technology in the lighting category, Rogue R2 Spot is a class leader in LED automated spots, combining incredible value with professional quality engineering. This fixture impresses with a powerful 240-watt LED light engine that drives a bright, crisp spotand a beautifully flat, even field. See it in action in the images below:








Have YOU Gone ROGUE?! Check Out the ROGUE Family!

We’re thrilled to have the ROGUE family of fixtures out to such great reception and adoption in the industry!  We’d love to take a moment and show off the lines in their own merit, starting out with the newest member, ROGUE RH1 Hybrid, and move through the new ROGUE R1 Wash and R2 Wash units, then we’ll check out the reliable ROGUE R1/R2 Spots and R1/R2 Beams!


Check out the ROGUE RH1 Hybrid — a SPOT, a BEAM, and a full-coverage WASH all in one beautiful package!

Onto the new powerful ROGUE R1 WASH and ROGUE R2 WASH units — dedicated WASH LED power with quick, responsive, and easily programmable features!

Powerful, fast, smaller package with big punches — meet the ROGUE R1 Spot and ROGUE R1 Beam units!  Sturdy, tough, and popular!

Last but definitely not least in the ROGUE family of fixtures, the high performers — the ROGUE R2 Spot and ROGUE R2 Beam, the upper-level punch of the R2 series!  Check out the intensity and control of these well-designed, carefully thought out fixtures!


Czech Rep Distributor Shows Off CHAUVET Professional at Open House

Czech Republic Distributor Audio Master recently organized an open house event to train its customers on a variety of CHAUVET Professional products from the Nexus, Rogue, COLORado and Legend series, including the Nexus 4×4 pack, Rogue R1 Spot, Rogue R1 Beam and Rogue R2 Beam. Here are some images from “Chauvet Day 2014,” check it out: