Tapping For Anxiety And Stress: Step-by-Step Guide

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Modern-day surviving has go much stressful than ever pinch engaged activity schedules, nonsensical news, governmental drama, financial pressures, and post-pandemic anxiety. Many of america struggle pinch intelligence wellness symptoms owed to everything we person been done complete nan past mates of years.

Having a high-stress lifestyle tin origin beingness and affectional problems passim our bodies, negatively impacting our value of life.

But what if I told you that tapping connected your face, chest, and underarms tin thief alleviate accent and anxiety? Sounds a small far-fetched, right?

But yes, it is called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping for anxiety. The method involves targeting acupressure points to beforehand relaxation and stimulate power flow. The process tin merchandise power blocks and sends calming signals to nan portion of nan encephalon responsible for controlling stress.

People who suffer from mental wellness symptoms tin use from this elemental 3 to ten-minute process. So, let’s research really and why tapping for worry works.

How Does Tapping for Anxiety Work?

The thought down tapping is that location are meridian lines connected our face—12 to beryllium exact—and each of these lines is nan power unit down our organs. By stimulating these meridian points, we let power to travel freely passim our bodies.

We each person power centers successful our bodies known arsenic chakras. You tin deliberation of them arsenic spinning power circles that link to our organs, nerves, and immoderate different life unit wrong our assemblage that tin impact affectional and beingness well-being.

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Anxiety and accent tin create blocks successful our chakras, particularly our guidelines chakra. Think of nan guidelines chakra arsenic our instauration successful life that is responsible for promoting a consciousness of information and security.

The guidelines chakra and our adrenal glands are intimately connected. Our encephalon triggers nan “fight aliases flight” consequence erstwhile we acquisition anxiety, panic attacks, aliases stress. This is erstwhile our adrenal glands flood our assemblage pinch adrenaline to thief woody pinch nan perceived threat.

Continuously activating this consequence tin time off our adrenal glands drained and exhausted, resulting successful power blocks. We request to merchandise this trapped power to support equilibrium wrong nan body.

EFT Tapping tin thief unclog these power blocks truthful that our chakras tin commencement spinning happily again.

Meridian Points and Your Emotional State

The pursuing are your meridian points and really they link to your affectional state. If you are tapping for anxiety, you tin walk other clip successful nan areas that would use you nan most.

  • Top of Head: Eliminates antagonistic spiraling thoughts, deficiency of focus, and soul judgement and promotes clarity, focus, confidence, belief connection, and intuition.
  • Eyebrow: Eliminates Depression, trauma, impatience, frustration, and fearfulness and promotes bid of mind, tranquility, and calmness.
  • Side of nan Eyes: Eliminates anger, fury, irritability, and guidance to alteration and promotes compassion, openness, sympathy, and sensitivity.
  • Under nan Eyes: Eliminates stress, anxiety, worry, fear, and nervousness and promotes a emotion of safety, security, comfort, peace, and contentment.
  • Under nan Nose: Eliminates guilt, shamefulness, humiliation, fearfulness of judgment, and fearfulness of nonaccomplishment and promotes strength, self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.
  • Center of Chin: Eliminates indecisiveness, confusion, and distraction and promotes clarity, confidence, and focus.
  • Chest/Collarbone: Eliminates stress, stagnation, anxiety, worry, and emotion trapped and promotes bid of mind and fluid thoughts.
  • Under Arm: Eliminates obsessive thoughts, feelings of guilt aliases shame, worthlessness, and interest and promotes confidence, state from obsessive thoughts, and self-esteem.

Where to Tap for Anxiety?

The meridian points for worry are nether nan eyes and astir 1 inch beneath nan collarbone.

Tapping Technique for Anxiety: Step-by-Step Guide

Here are nan 9 steps of tapping that will thief you relieve anxiety.

1. Breath and Relax

You tin usage this tapping method erstwhile you are experiencing accent and anxiety, aliases you tin usage it to destruct an rumor aliases emotion you are struggling with.

If you are trying to target a circumstantial issue, past return a infinitesimal to place nan problem you would for illustration to attraction on.

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Some examples could beryllium chronic stress, anxiety, heartbreak, financial crisis, profession pressure, fear of failure, emptiness, aliases thing other that could beryllium causing you beingness aliases affectional pain. You tin complaint your emotion toward your rumor from 1 to 10 to show your advancement passim nan tapping process.

Start by focusing connected your breath. Notice really nan aerial fills your lungs and makes its measurement into your belly. Exhale and announcement really nan aerial leaves your body, taking each your accent and worry pinch it.

Imagine yourself inhaling caller oxygenated air, and exhaling stressful thoughts. Continue to attraction connected your activity for a fewer minutes aliases until you consciousness your assemblage commencement to relax.

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2. Tap connected nan Outer Edges of Your Hand

Use your scale digit and mediate digit to pat nan outer separator of your near hand. The area is correct beneath your pinky finger.

Tap for 30 seconds, and past alternate to your correct hand. And then, backmost to your near hand.

tapping nan outer palm

3. Tap connected nan Top of Your Head

Now, statesman to pat nan highest portion of your caput (also known arsenic nan crown) for 30 seconds. Tap successful circles astir nan crown aliases spell backmost and forth.

tapping nan apical of nan head

4. Tap Between nan Eyebrows

Now, make your measurement to nan area betwixt your eyebrows. You tin usage 1 aliases some hands to pat nan frown lines aliases correct supra nan soul corners of nan eyebrows.

Tap for 30 seconds, and past make your measurement to nan broadside of your eyes.

tapping betwixt nan eyebrows

5. Tap nan Side of Your Eyes and Beneath Your Eyes

Tap nan broadside of your eyes for 30 seconds, and past make your measurement to beneath your eyes. Now, pat for 30 seconds and make your measurement backmost to nan broadside of your eyes.

You tin take to walk a small much clip underneath nan eyes arsenic this is nan meridian constituent for accent and anxiety. Continue to rotate betwixt nan sides of your eyes and beneath your eyes arsenic you consciousness necessary.

tapping nan broadside of nan eyes

6. Tap Below Your Nose

Now, statesman to pat beneath your chemoreceptor and supra your apical lip. Tap for 30 seconds, and past make your measurement to your chin.

tapping nether nan nose

7. Tap connected Your Chin

The area you should pat connected is nan indention of your chin, correct beneath your bottommost lip. Tap for 30 seconds, and past make your measurement to your chest, correct beneath your collar bone.

tapping connected nan chin

8. Tap connected Your Chest/Below nan Collar Bone

Continue to pat connected your thorax pinch some hands for 1 minute. This is different worry meridian point, truthful consciousness free to walk further clip tapping connected your chest.

tapping beneath nan collar bone

9. Tap connected Your Underarms

Make your measurement to your underarms and pat for 30 seconds. This area is astir 4 to 5 inches beneath your armpit, and it should consciousness a spot tender.

tapping nether nan arms

Repeat arsenic Many Times arsenic Needed

Now return a infinitesimal to re-evaluate your emotion scale. Have your accent levels improved? How would you complaint your discomfort astatine this point? Feel free to repetition nan workout arsenic galore times arsenic needed to relax.

Affirmations for Anxiety to Use While Tapping

Positive words of affirmation tin besides thief you done your worry by boosting your information and preventing you from being stuck pinch your anxious thoughts.

Throughout this exercise, you tin usage nan pursuing affirmations to thief merchandise your anxious thoughts:

  • I americium safe, and thing tin wounded maine correct now.
  • I americium letting spell of this anxiety.
  • I americium strong, and I tin get done immoderate obstacle that comes my way.
  • I take positivity and merchandise negativity.
  • I inhale relaxation and exhale anxiety.
  • I merchandise accent pinch each activity I take.
  • My mind and assemblage are strong, and I americium courageous.
  • I americium protected, and nan beingness has maine covered.

You tin besides deliberation of tapping for worry arsenic a method for practicing mindfulness. In different words, nan enactment of tapping tin thief bring you backmost to nan coming moment, which tin thief alleviate anxiety.

Think of nan quote by Lao Tzu:

“If you are depressed, you are surviving successful nan past. If you are anxious, you are surviving successful nan future. If you are astatine peace, you are surviving successful nan present.”

Mindfulness brings peace, and pinch bid comes happiness.

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Final Thoughts

The much you believe tapping for anxiety, nan much your encephalon will commencement to subordinate nan enactment pinch relaxation. This intends that you will yet beryllium capable to quickly scope a authorities of relaxation by tapping erstwhile you commencement to consciousness accent aliases anxiety.

Here is simply a speedy 6-minute video that tin thief you get started pinch tapping.

Featured photograph credit: Jessica Da Rosa via unsplash.com

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