The Key to Creating a Vibrant (And Magical Life) by Lee Cockerell

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In this section of The Lifehack Show, we person invited Lee Cockerell, nan erstwhile Executive Vice President of Operations for nan Walt Disney World Resort.

As nan elder operating executive for 10 years, Lee led a squad of 40,000 formed members and was responsible for nan operations of 20 edifice hotels, 4 taxable parks, 2 h2o parks, a shopping and intermezo village, and nan ESPN Sports and Recreation Complex, successful summation to nan ancillary operations which supported nan number 1 picnic destination successful nan world.

One of Lee’s awesome and lasting legacies was nan creation of nan Disney Great Leader Strategies, which was utilized to train and create nan 7,000 leaders astatine Walt Disney World.

In this episode, Lee is sharing his travel to becoming who he is today, and nan lessons he has learned passim these years successful bid to unrecorded a full life, thing that we worth a batch astatine Lifehack.

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3 Things That Are Important to a Vibrant (And Magical Life)

When Lee was astir 35 years old, his responsibilities were increasing quickly because he was getting bigger jobs. With a woman and a child, everything was conscionable piling up and he started to get really stressed out. He was moving measurement excessively galore hours — he was moving during weekends, and he was coming successful early and staying late. It wounded his matrimony arsenic he woman wasn’t happy astir that. He besides didn’t spot his boy arsenic overmuch arsenic he wanted to. It was until he took a seminar astir clip guidance wherever he learned astir readying and prioritizing.

Lee has shared pinch america nan 3 astir important things we should prioritize successful bid to unrecorded a vibrant and magical life pinch our constricted clip and energy.

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#1 Take Care of Yourself

If you don’t return attraction of yourself, you can’t return attraction of your team, your company, your business. — Lee Cockerell

Every time astatine 5 o’clock aft work, Lee went to nan gym and worked retired earlier he went home. That was his regular routine. He did his champion astatine activity but would not overwork himself nor neglect his wellness and individual life because of work.

Lee reinforced successful nan question and reply nan value of staying fresh and healthy. Many don’t consciousness well, and deficiency power and information to activity because they don’t return bully attraction of their health. Getting capable sleep, having a patient fare and exercising regularly are each important to staying energetic successful bid to execute what you want each day.

I measurement precisely what I weighed erstwhile I was 55 years agone because I want to and I’m astir to I’m astir to move 79 years old. I person much power than anybody because if you do nan correct things, it useful out. — Lee Cockerell

#2 Take Care of Your Family

I slumber amended because I person a awesome family. We support each other. I don’t want to person immoderate regrets that I wish I had spent much clip pinch them. — Lee Cockerell

Lee invests a batch of clip successful his family. He goes to vacation, spends Christmas and recreation together pinch his family. He prioritizes his power and clip for his family because he knows family is important to one’s fulfillment successful life.

I don’t really attraction wherever I’m spending my money arsenic agelong arsenic capable is going into savings because I tin ever get that back, but wherever I’m spending my time. You mightiness not get your woman backmost if she leaves. — Lee Cockerell

#3 Take Care of Your Business

As a highly successfuly business person, his business is amazingly nan past point connected his database of priorities.

Most group who get very rich | and very successful extremity up pinch divorces and supplier usage and each kinds of problems… I don’t request a batch of money, I conscionable request enough. I’m not trying to make gazillions. I don’t request a batch I conscionable request enough. — Lee Cockerell

Lee believes that we tin ever get much money, but we tin ne'er get much time. This is precisely what we judge astatine Lifehack too. To study much astir this, you tin return a look astatine my article The Truth About nan Value of Time successful Life wherever I stock astir nan existent worth of time.

In addition, Lee had a clear privilege of what to attraction connected erstwhile he was still moving astatine Disney. He focused connected hiring nan correct people, training them, and treating them correct by making judge they had a bully culture. Instead of doing it each connected his own, Lee focsued connected nan high-leverage tasks which had nan astir impactful results successful nan business.

Schedule nan things that are important to you and that’s really clip guidance plays out. — Lee Cockerell

We can’t do everything and we must study to opportunity nary to immoderate things. Prioritizing and focusing connected things that genuinely matter to him is his cardinal to creating magic astatine activity and successful life.

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Bottom Line

If you person ever believed that occurrence and fulfillment successful life is defined by your activity aliases career, I dream this question and reply pinch Lee tin get you to rethink astir that.

Life consists of different aspects, and activity is only 1 portion of our lives. To genuinely unrecorded life to nan fullest, cognize what matters to you first, and attraction connected it. We each person constricted clip and energy, truthful don’t put successful worldly that doesn’t matter, and only regret it later successful life.

Check retired nan YouTube video supra to watch nan afloat interview, and you will study truthful overmuch more!

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