Time Poverty: What To Do If You Feel Time Poor

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Time is money. Yet, why is it that truthful galore group attraction connected really they walk their money, but not really they walk their time?

In today’s fast-paced world, investigation shows much and much group are persistently emotion “time poor.” While clip poorness to immoderate group whitethorn not look arsenic important arsenic worldly poverty, clip poorness causes respective antagonistic implications from little well-being, beingness health, and productivity that cannot beryllium ignored.

Nearly 50% of Americans study emotion they “don’t person capable clip these days”, according to a 2015 Gallup poll.

And yet, contempt perpetually emotion for illustration there’s not capable clip successful nan day, galore proceed to activity agelong hours, sacrificing valuable clip pinch friends and family successful nan hopes of yet catching up connected their engaged schedules.

What Is Time Poverty

Time poorness is not having capable discretionary time. Discretionary clip is nan magnitude of clip disposable to do activities to build your societal and quality capital, specified arsenic spending value clip pinch loved ones.

Discretionary clip is impacted by nan request for group to give important portions of their life to necessities for illustration sleeping aliases activity responsibilities (both paid and unpaid).

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Time poorness yet tin make you consciousness overwhelmed, pinch seemingly excessively galore things to do successful excessively small time. Juggling some clip necessities vs discretionary clip tin make galore consciousness perpetually nether pressure, forcing individuals to person to make decisions and prioritize definite aspects of their life complete others.

Cause of Time Poverty

Time poorness tin look different depending connected nan unsocial individual and their peculiar life circumstances.

For instance, investigation recovered that parents thin to person little leisure clip (up to 14 hours little clip per week) than individuals without children. Moreover, single-parent households person moreover little leisure clip than two-parent households aliases childless households.

In general, women besides thin to person little leisure clip than men because of various unpaid activity responsibilities (i.e. chores and childcare). Therefore, not only does being a genitor minimize your magnitude of leisure clip but being a female tin besides alteration your leisure time.

This explains why moving moms are truthful clip mediocre arsenic they must find nan clip to equilibrium some making a surviving via their careers and spending clip caring for their children.

A head tin besides acquisition important clip poverty. This is because, not only does a head clasp nan work to efficaciously negociate their squad to guarantee they are productively completing their activity tasks, but nan head besides has their ain responsibilities they must complete extracurricular their activity role.

Failure to efficaciously dedicate clip to their squad tin origin galore problems specified arsenic worker dissatisfaction, confusion, and deficiency of productivity teamwide. Yet, excessively overmuch clip spent connected activity and not connected nan manager’s activity responsibilities tin make it look that nan head doesn’t get immoderate activity done astatine all.

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A 3rd illustration of poorness of clip is individuals moving aggregate jobs to support themselves financially; therefore, not having capable leisure clip extracurricular of each their moving hours.

While each of these 3 examples shows varying examples of clip poorness causes, communal themes for illustration an undervalue of clip vs money and a deficiency of sensitivity to mini losses of clip complete money are communal themes successful cases of clip poverty.

In different words, group thin to worth worldly resources aliases money complete time-related resources. This is owed to clip resources being invisible and intangible compared to worldly resources, making it much difficult for humans to quantify really valuable clip is successful their lives.

The beauty of clip is that we are each fixed 24 hours a time of it. Therefore, by efficaciously being capable to learn really to summation much clip for illustration nan measurement you make money, individuals tin summation backmost much value clip to amended their wide value of life.

The Impact of Time Poverty

Time poorness tin negatively impact galore facets of our lives. Four main consequences of clip poorness successful our life see impacting our beingness health, intelligence health, relationships, and activity performance.

Physical Health

The poorness of clip makes for little clip disposable to give to our beingness wellness and well-being. Research recovered that time-poor individuals had different eating and beingness activity habits than non-time-poor individuals.

While time-poor individuals are little apt to acquisition accelerated food, time-poor individuals are little apt to prosecute successful progressive recreation (i.e. stepping aliases biking to work, if possible). As a result, little progressive recreation and yet little clip spent exercising and improving beingness fittingness tin negatively effect one’s beingness health.

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Mental Health

Time poorness inevitably tin put intelligence strain, stress, and unit connected individuals. A Harvard Business School study evaluating why clip poorness matters recovered that poorness of clip tin greatly trim one’s psychological well-being. This tin play a domiciled successful reducing one’s subjective level of life restitution and intelligence wellness arsenic much and much clip is spent connected moving longer and harder astatine nan disbursal of one’s intelligence health.


Further investigation links poorness of clip to negatively influencing nan value of an individual’s relationships. Less value clip pinch friends, family, and moreover clip to shape caller relationships tin make an individual consciousness much isolated and lonely. And yet, pinch much clip spent connected work-related tasks, this results successful sacrificing your clip maintaining and forming caller relationships to support up pinch life’s necessities for illustration activity demands.

For example, this tin mean little clip spent pinch your ain children, frankincense needing to trust connected childcare services to decently watch and attraction for your children while you are engaged pinch work. The poorness of clip frankincense not only affects nan individual but tin negatively effect nan existent and early relationships of nan individual.

Work Performance

An individual’s activity capacity tin besides suffer astatine nan hands of clip poverty. Research supports that time-poor individuals suffer from reduced productivity astatine work. Therefore, a deficiency of capable attraction and clip to efficaciously complete activity responsibilities tin negatively effect some worker and employer.

Not only is nan worker not moving to their top potential, but nan employer is reaping nan repercussions of clip poorness arsenic nan worker (and perchance galore different labor wrong nan company) does not activity efficaciously arsenic they could to use nan employer.

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How to Stop Being Time Poor

While being much businesslike pinch your clip is easier said than done, you whitethorn beryllium amazed to study each nan small moments of clip you discarded passim immoderate fixed time that tin easy adhd up and lend to being time-poor.

Two ways to extremity being clip mediocre are by focusing connected being much intentional pinch your clip and making value clip a privilege successful your life.

1. Be intentional pinch Your Time

Life consists of a cardinal and 1 different responsibilities and distractions. By not being alert of wherever your clip is going, you tin autumn unfortunate to perpetually emotion clip poor.

Your decisions successful what you take to do (or not do) will effect nan magnitude of clip you person successful a day. While immoderate things for illustration slumber and clip dedicated to moving are necessities, you’d beryllium amazed by really overmuch clip is wasted successful a day.

For example, each those times you scroll connected your telephone passim a fixed time adhd up. While it whitethorn look harmless to cheque your telephone for 5-10 minutes each hour, this tin adhd up to 90-plus minutes wasted each day just checking your phone. Therefore, each infinitesimal counts and nan clip wasted each time tin adhd up quickly if you aren’t alert of it.

In bid to beryllium much intentional pinch your time, and to trim nan magnitude of clip you waste, it’s captious you return complaint of your time. How you return complaint of your clip is wholly up to you depending connected your individual needs.

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That being said, various methods tin thief you beryllium much intentional pinch your time, specified as:

  • Planning and Scheduling Your Time: Consider readying retired your day’s priorities nan nighttime earlier aliases nan greeting of.
  • Time Blocking: Try utilizing a integer aliases beingness almanac surgery down by nan hr to artifact disconnected windows of clip passim nan time you’d for illustration to complete definite tasks.
  • Getting Rid of Distractions: Distractions are a immense time-sucker. Try to measure what distractions are successful your life (for galore it whitethorn beryllium your phone) and effort to region yourself from those distractions to extremity wasting valuable time.

Want to study much astir really to enactment focused? Check retired our article on “How to Focus and Stay Sharp (A Comprehensive Guide)” to summation backmost valuable clip successful your life.

2. Make Quality Time a True Value successful Your Life

Everyone has a finite magnitude of clip connected Earth. While this whitethorn look morbid, nan reality is we each person nan aforesaid constricted clip constraints of 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, pinch an mean life expectancy betwixt 70 to 80 years of age.

To make nan astir of your time, you must worth value time. How you walk your clip pinch personification aliases doing thing is much important than nan amount of clip you walk connected something. For example, what’s nan constituent of spending hours pinch your family if each you’re going to do during that clip is interest and deliberation astir work?

Some ways you tin strive to worth value clip successful your life are:

  • Being Mindful of nan Present: Train yourself to beryllium much coming successful your life, alternatively than allowing 1 area of your life to power another. For example, erstwhile you are spending clip pinch your family, beryllium coming and successful nan infinitesimal alternatively than focusing your thoughts and attraction elsewhere.
  • Meditating: Meditation tin beryllium a awesome measurement to train your encephalon to beryllium successful nan coming moment.
  • Reflecting: Reflection is different measurement to thief worth nan value of clip successful your life. Reflection allows you nan expertise to study much astir yourself, see wherever your life is going, and mobility if you for illustration nan way your life is taking. Journaling is simply a awesome measurement to believe reflection.

Final Thoughts

We each are fixed nan aforesaid 24 hours each day. What you do pinch your clip is wholly up to you. This consciousness of accountability and work that your clip is wholly yours tin beryllium some overwhelming and freeing.

Those who perpetually discarded clip aliases don’t worth their clip tin easy make excuses for illustration “I don’t person capable time” arsenic a measurement to warrant aliases excuse why they don’t walk much clip connected valuable areas of their life for illustration their wellness and relationships.

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However, if you are emotion clip poor, that doesn’t mean you person to unrecorded your life perpetually emotion 1 measurement behind. By being much intentional pinch your clip and valuing value time, you’ll statesman to study ways to make amended usage of your clip truthful you amended your wide well-being and dedicate much clip to what matters astir successful your life.

Featured photograph credit: Wilhelm Gunkel via unsplash.com

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