What Are Process Goals? (With Examples)

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Ready. Set. Go. For years, this was my three-step mindset erstwhile it came to goals. I would scope for nan satellite and dream to onshore among nan stars without emotion nan symptom of nan fall. This attack was each aliases nothing, and arsenic a result, I knowledgeable loads of burnout and almost zero productivity. In short, my task database was filled pinch high-level intentions, but I hadn’t taken nan clip to create a representation to scope nan destinations. I was mislaid successful nan readying stages because I didn’t understand process goals aliases person immoderate examples to follow.

Since then, I’ve learned really to clasp nan travel and break my result goals into smaller and much manageable process goals. This attack has improved my attraction and reduced vexation because I’m now moving towards a surefire strategy that will return maine wherever I want to go––I’m creating a scheme of action pinch achievable regular targets (a process goal).

What Is a Process Goal?

A process extremity is not a destination, it’s nan way you scheme connected taking to get there. For example, if you want to go amended astatine writing, your process extremity would beryllium to station 1 blog article per week and study from nan feedback you receive. The destination is simply a monthly extremity of 12 articles.

This favoritism is important because it’s easy to suffer show of nan truth that these types of goals are not each aliases nothing. Think astir it. You’ve heard it said: it’s not astir moving difficult but moving smart.

Well, a process extremity is an actionable target pinch what we telephone SMART criteria:

  • Specific – The much elaborate your goal, nan better. For example, alternatively of “I want to beryllium fit,” you would say, “I want to suffer 5 pounds.” Make judge your extremity is crystal clear.
  • Measurable – You request a measurement to measurement advancement and success, truthful it needs to beryllium quantifiable. This is wherever you determine what “fit” really intends for you (more connected this later).
  • Achievable – If your extremity isn’t challenging, past it’s not going to beryllium motivating. On nan different hand, location must beryllium a steeper upland to climb if you want important results.
  • Realistic – “I want to tally a marathon” is not applicable for astir people. Ensure you person nan time, energy, and resources (e.g., training program) required to execute your goal.
  • Time-Bound – Your extremity needs an assigned deadline or it’s conscionable a tube dream. There’s thing incorrect pinch dreaming, but what happens erstwhile nan imagination ends?

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To summarize, these are nan basal components of immoderate process goal: specific, measurable, achievable wrong a definite clip frame, and realistic.

What Is a Destination Goal?

A destination extremity is simply a constituent successful clip erstwhile you scheme to beryllium astatine a peculiar destination. For example, if your extremity is to get to correspond your state astatine nan 2025 Summer Olympics, you correct request to attraction connected smaller increments to attain that success. On your measurement to that goal, you request to attraction connected smaller destinations. First, make nan nationalist team. Then, compete successful a fewer events and truthful forth.

If you effort to make it to nan Olympics from nan very commencement without immoderate milestones on nan way, it would beryllium excessively daunting. On nan different hand, if you focus connected each milestone arsenic a destination goal, it will each look imaginable and achievable.

Process Goal Template

Let’s opportunity you want to go a amended cook. Here is 1 measurement of penning nan process goal: “I will prevention $100 per week by cooking each my meals astatine location for 12 weeks.” This would beryllium your destination (monthly), and nan steps required to execute this extremity (weekly) would be:

  1. Spend 1 hr connected Sunday readying my meals for nan week.
  2. Shop for groceries aft activity connected Monday and Tuesday nights.
  3. Cook each meals astatine location connected Wednesdays done Sundays.
  4. Pack my luncheon for activity connected Mondays and Tuesdays.
  5. Save $100 per week successful rate by cooking astatine home.

This process extremity will thief you go a amended navigator by school you to prevention money done planning, shopping, cooking, packing your ain lunch, and trying caller recipes. It besides includes a play reward (saving $100 successful cash) that will thief you enactment motivated.

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Process goals promote you to scope your eventual goals. When you consciousness for illustration you tin execute smaller goals on nan way, you summation sustainability and assurance to move forward.

In galore ways, process goals are a batch for illustration faith. Each accomplishment brings you person to seeing nan fullness of nan life that you desire––it breaks done nan fog and makes things clearer.

What Questions Helped Me Find My Process Goals?

After respective years of mounting lofty goals and becoming progressively disappointment erstwhile I wasn’t getting nan results I wanted, I decided to return a person look astatine my approach.

Now, location are galore ways you tin do this, but here’s really I went astir it. Last year, I asked myself nan pursuing questions:

  • What americium I doing correct now?
  • How tin I get amended astatine this?
  • Is this process extremity starring maine person to my eventual goals?

The choices I made from nan answers to these questions became my process goals. They were nan driving unit that kept maine motivated and moving guardant erstwhile I wanted to springiness up and propulsion successful nan towel. Since then, I’ve been capable to execute lifelong goals that I had fixed up connected years ago. For example, I’ve been capable to get a publishing contract, create much integer products for my business, and bask nan moment.

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Before I collapsed down my goals into smaller ones, I was struggling to conscionable get retired of bed. The thought of my endless database kept maine stagnant. Now, I look guardant to each greeting and taking connected smaller projects to scope profitable outcomes.

What Are Some Process Goals You Can Try?

So, now that you understand nan value of process goals, let’s get you started pinch immoderate examples that you tin utilize this week:

  • Sign up for a caller class.
  • Complete 1 information of your task by Thursday.
  • Start stepping astir nan artifact alternatively of moving a mile.
  • Improve your penning by spending 30 minutes mundane journaling.
  • Practice your question and reply skills.
  • Read astatine slightest 1 book from nan room this week.
  • Do 10 push-ups each time earlier you time off for work.

You get nan idea. These process goals don’t person to beryllium complicated. If anything, you want to break down your plans to nan constituent of them emotion easy aliases astatine slightest doable without needing a week’s vacation. By breaking your goals down into smaller pieces, you tin execute a batch much successful a shorter period. You’ll besides consciousness much assured that you’re capable to execute thing wrong nan moment.

It isn’t easy to proceed towards your extremity if accomplishment feels excessively acold away. You request to observe nan mini things and clasp nan process.

What Do You Need for Process Goals?

Think astir really overmuch clip and money you’ve spent connected caller clothes, books, technology, etc. Many of america want to support up pinch nan latest trends and acquisition nan champion gadgets from Apple aliases Microsoft. But each of these other investments travel astatine a steep price.

To find your process goals, you whitethorn person to look immoderate difficult emotions aliases situations bravely and face them head-on. You mightiness request to forgo nan caller outfit aliases nan latest Mac book to meet your wide objectives. Remember, process goals not only protect you from emotion overwhelmed, but they besides support you from being distracted.

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Final Thoughts

You whitethorn consciousness overwhelmed astatine first erstwhile trying to group a process goal. Sometimes, conscionable reasoning astir alteration triggers accent hormones, which only leads to much worries and anxious feelings. However, if you support yourself focused and return mini steps successful nan correct direction, you’ll soon recognize that goals don’t person to beryllium complicated.

You tin execute your process goals 1 time astatine a time, and you tin commencement coming by breaking down your larger extremity into smaller steps. It doesn’t matter if nan process takes a week aliases six months, what matters astir is that you’re moving guardant and doing thing to make yourself better.

Now, spell connected retired location and execute 1 of your process goals!

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