What to Do If You Don’t Want to Do Anything

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How often person you had these kinds of information problems?

Struggling to get up early to exercise…

Too tired to activity connected your side-business aft work…

Not being “in nan mood” to constitute your forever-in-draft-mode novel…

What’s moreover worse is that this emotion of “I don’t want to do anything” puts your goals connected nan backmost burner. And successful galore cases, they enactment location till you summation nan information to return action connected them.

But galore times, that ends up being weeks, months, aliases moreover years into nan future.

Motivation Eludes Even nan Best of Us

Motivation tin beryllium a tricky beast:

One nan 1 hand, you tin get a abrupt inspiration to go patient and driblet everything to spell for a jog.

On nan different hand, hoping for out-of-nowhere boosts of information for illustration this… is decidedly an unreliable method of achieving your goals.

So wherever precisely does that time off you?

Motivation Is Unreliable With Most Common Strategies

At nan extremity of nan day, information is simply an emotion.

And for illustration each emotions, it’s fickle.

It tin beryllium location 1 day, and past only moments later, vanish for illustration a gust of wind.

But if information is finicky to activity with… is it thing you tin ever trust on?

Can it genuinely get free of nan “I don’t want to do anything” feeling?

Well, this is wherever astir group get information incorrect successful nan first place.

It’s not capable to conscionable look astatine inspiring images aliases publication motivational quotes online. At best, you mightiness get a bully emotion aft doing these things.

But if we’re being realistic here… it’s much apt you aren’t being productive moreover aft being “inspired” by those motivational methods.

So it’s easy to reason that astatine nan very least, those approaches aren’t thing you should use.

5 Unique Ways to Motivate Yourself to Take Action And Achieve Your Goals

So really to “manufacture” information erstwhile you request it?

Before I dive into nan 5 unsocial ways, you whitethorn want to get this free Worksheet For Instant Motivation Boost, and get immoderate ideas connected really to build your ain information motor first. Get your free worksheet here.

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Then, if you want information that useful instantly and lasts a agelong time, you request thing that’s different compared to what you usually do aliases see.

My occupation is to supply you pinch immoderate absorbing caller methods that will motivate you to alteration your world.

Here are 5 somewhat offbeat methods of information for you to effort out. The truth that these methods stray from nan battalion is simply a bully thing. It intends you’ll beryllium mixing things up for nan first time. And conscionable being “different” is already a motivational facet to statesman with.

So effort 1 out, aliases effort them each out. Either way, you’re apt to find yourself much motivated and action-taking than ever before.

1. Add “Mystery” to Your Motivation MIX

A powerful shape of information has to do pinch spontaneity and unexpectedness.

And while we can’t perfectly replicate this, we tin do nan adjacent champion thing.

Try penning retired astatine slightest 5 different rewards you tin usage erstwhile you return breaks aliases complete tasks. A scope of “reward magnitudes” is ideal, for example:

  • Watch a Youtube video
  • Eat a portion of chocolate
  • Play a short guitar jam session
  • Watch a Netflix show
  • Walk astir nan block

As you tin see, each reward is different:

Some are smaller and much instant gratification.

Others are bigger and much individual to you.

Now, astir of nan clip erstwhile you return a break, you do nan aforesaid aged point each time.

(Most often it’s taking a smartphone break.)

But ideate you could only prime 1 of these rewards each time.

And going moreover further – you person to take 1 astatine random as well.

Suddenly, you don’t cognize what you’re going to get anymore. It could beryllium a mini reward. Or it could moreover beryllium a large reward.

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And that makes things absorbing again.

And erstwhile things are absorbing again… you are much than apt to beryllium motivated to activity conscionable to spot what random (good aliases amazing) reward you’ll get next.

2. Make Your Motivation “Scary”

On nan different information spectrum, there’s nan “negative” broadside of things.

With this attack you attraction connected motivating yourself to debar thing – alternatively than connected being rewarded.

All you’ve sewage to do is find suitable ways to “punish” yourself for not being productive astir whatever’s important to you.

Here’s a fewer elemental examples you tin tie ideas from:

  • If you don’t get up early to exercise, your spouse gets to spray you pinch a h2o vessel till you get up
  • If you don’t spell to nan gym aft work, you person to eat thing you dislike (for me, this would beryllium a grapefruit – excessively bitter!)
  • If you don’t constitute a page successful your caller during lunch, you person to fastener each nan distracting apps connected your telephone for 24 hours

Ultimately, nan reward needs to beryllium powerful capable to “make you consciousness it.” So these punishments will beryllium unsocial to you.

But pinch a small creativity, you’re bound to find thing that motivates you to return action truthful you debar your reward astatine each costs.

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3. Use Peer Pressure

This extremity useful good if you person family and friends who are connected committee pinch helping you execute your goals.

All you’ve sewage to do is promote your adjacent ones to “peer pressure” you into moving connected your goals whenever you’re expected to.

So let’s opportunity you determine to constitute your caller aft work. Well, if nan first point you do erstwhile you get backmost location from activity is flip your overgarment connected nan floor, hop connected nan couch, and commencement flipping done channels… this is nan clip for your family to “strike.”

  • “Hey honey, wouldn’t it beryllium astonishing if you vanished a page of your caller today? I cognize I’d beryllium happy.”
  • “Dad, I was reference a book earlier and thought astir really cool it’d beryllium if you vanished yours.”
  • “Mom, whenever I spot that you’re penning a book it makes maine truthful proud – I can’t hold till you decorativeness it!”

And basically, they’d conscionable spell connected and connected till you get to penning aliases immoderate your extremity is.

The champion point astir this strategy is that it’s hands-off:

Everybody other does nan motivating for you. And I’ve recovered it tends to activity nary matter really overmuch I don’t want to do anything, either.

4. Drop Your Standards Unreasonably Low

A large information problem is emotion your goals are excessively large and hairy.

If you consciousness overwhelmed by immoderate task aliases task you have, your information is going to vessel for sure.

So a elemental measurement astir this is to usage nan “10% method:”

If you ever consciousness nan slightest guidance to a task astatine hand, conscionable opportunity you’ll only do 10% of nan original task and you tin extremity there.

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So if you scheme connected doing 20 pushups for exercise, only do 2.

If you scheme connected penning a page successful your novel, conscionable constitute a paragraph (or moreover a sentence) instead. Or if you request to cleanable your room, conscionable opportunity you’ll cleanable 3 items only.

It’s a elemental method, but VERY easy to implement.

And nan champion portion is:

Once you’ve lowered your intelligence guidance to nan task astatine manus (and thereby accrued your information to do it), you are VERY apt to do much than conscionable 10%.

And that’s because “startup momentum” tin transportation you further on nan task.

5. Put Your Money connected nan Line

Nothing hurts for illustration losing your money.

And a elemental measurement to usage this thought tying your hard-earned rate to nan accomplishment of your goals.

An easy measurement to do this is by involving a friend aliases family member. Just drawback 1 of them and opportunity this:

“This is simply a $20 bill. If you spot that I don’t:

  • Go to nan gym aft work, or:
  • Write a page successful my novel, or:
  • Get up early tomorrow

…Then you tin person nan $20 for yourself.”

You’ll spot a large grin crossed nan look of whoever’s helping you, and wonderment if they’re rooting for you to neglect successful nan first place.

Either way, you tin expect your information to activity connected your goals to skyrocket aft utilizing this tip.

The Truth Behind Motivation

Remember, information isn’t astir emotion inspired aliases thing other truthful fluffy. The eventual extremity is creating an impulse to enactment towards achieving your goals.

And I’m assured that if you usage immoderate of nan strategies I’ve listed here, you’ll beryllium good connected your measurement to being much motivated, return much action, and toggle shape your life forever.

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