Why Is It Important To Set Realistic Goals?

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Across societal media, I’ve mislaid count of nan number of friends of excavation who’ve shared nan infamous Norman Vincent Peale quote:

“Shoot for nan moon. Even if you miss, you’ll onshore among nan stars.”

In different words, purpose precocious and group far-reaching goals, and moreover if you’re not rather there, you’re going to beryllium successful a bully place. I very overmuch work together pinch nan sentiment down mounting eager goals successful each areas of life. However, Norman Vincent Peale and I whitethorn disagree successful framing specified goals from nan outset successful a measurement that already talks astir nan anticipation of failing to deed them aliases mounting and achieving goals that mightiness beryllium impossible.

In my view, a extremity needs to beryllium a well-balanced operation of being eager and being realistic (very overmuch successful keeping pinch nan conception of SMART Goals).

I activity successful marketing. As a result, nan thought of a measurable nonsubjective is nary alien to me. From time 1 successful this career, it was almost drummed into maine that everything must beryllium goal-led and that has served maine good successful my career. But extremity mounting and, importantly, goal-getting tin person a important affirmative effect connected each master and individual aspects of your life immoderate you do arsenic a career.

Let’s look astatine why it is important to group realistic goals and what are immoderate of nan benefits of realistic extremity setting.

1. Goal Setting, Goal Getting, and Your Self Confidence

We person a existent self-confidence situation connected our hands. A 2021 study showed that nan mostly of women (62%) and half of men do not judge they are intelligent. Staggeringly, complete 60% of america do not judge we’re bully astatine our jobs. Moreover, debased self-esteem is associated pinch an accrued consequence of depression, anxiety, and moreover suicide.

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So, what does this person to do pinch extremity setting?

A study by George Wilson connected “Value-Centred Approach To Goal-Setting And Action Planning” made clear associations betwixt extremity hitting and improved self-confidence. In different words, mounting actual goals, moreover if you person not deed them yet but are making advancement towards them, tin consequence successful higher self-esteem.

2. Setting Goals Motivates Us

Another logic why it is important to group realistic goals is that it helps motivate us.

Let’s look it, motivation is simply a conflict for galore group astatine nan moment. A twelvemonth of turbulence and uncertainty is capable to make moreover nan astir enthusiastic of america struggle. But good complete half of group successful a study said that mounting goals helps support them motivated.

Particularly successful times of difficulty, having goals to activity towards tin thief you support attraction and information some successful your activity and successful position of individual goals arsenic well.

3. The Power of Micro-Goals

To quote nan awesome Baz Luhrmann, this peculiar extremity “has nary ground much reliable than my ain meandering experience,”—well, successful my acquisition and that of others I’ve shared pinch anecdotally.

I’ve been connected a ngo complete nan past twelvemonth to suffer a ton of weight—not a literal ton, to beryllium clear. But if we’re going to beryllium specific, I was mounting retired to suffer 56 lbs. It’s not nan first clip I’ve group retired connected that peculiar mission, and connected my erstwhile 3 attempts, I sewage astir halfway location earlier quitting and past undoing each nan bully work. Hello, self-destruct mode!

This time, I approached it differently. Instead of mounting retired pinch nan extremity of “I want to suffer 56lbs,” I’ve surgery it down into micro goals that consciousness much realistically achievable successful a short clip frame.

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  • Goal 1: 14lbs
  • Goal 2: 28lbs
  • Goal 3: 35lbs
  • Goal 4: 42lbs
  • Goal 5: 49lbs
  • Goal 6: 56lbs

I precocious passed extremity 4 and americium connected nan measurement to extremity 5.

so, what’s nan quality this time?

I consciousness motivated by having already achieved 4 of my goals. On nan past effort I made, by being 25lbs, down I was becoming disappointment that my extremity still seemed truthful acold away. This time, I observe wins much often by putting smaller goals that lend to nan bigger extremity successful place. It helps pinch my determination and commitment.

4. Dopamine Loves Realistic Goals

Dopamine is often referred to arsenic nan “pleasure chemical.” It’s nan chemic that’s released erstwhile we’re happy. That happiness tin beryllium created by bad habits aliases bully ones. Some forbidden narcotics activity by interfering pinch nan body’s dopamine system, which is what makes them truthful addictive.

Micro goals, arsenic it turns out, springiness america a consciousness of reward. Achieving smaller goals regularly connected nan measurement to a bigger 1 gives america a awesome small deed of dopamine, which helps support america motivated connected nan roadworthy to nan bigger goal.

5. Realistic Goals Give Us “Oomph!”

One singular uncovering of a 2017 study by Granot, Stern, and Balcetis recovered that mounting goals really increases our systolic humor pressure, which successful move makes america consciousness fresh to act. But nan findings went a measurement further. They confirmed that erstwhile nan goals felt “difficult to achievable” (in different words, “realistic”) nan boost successful SBP was much pronounced than successful cases wherever nan extremity felt excessively difficult.

In different words, mounting realistic goals has a beingness effect connected our bodies to springiness america nan “oomph” we request to spell retired and get it.

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6. Realistic Goals and nan Goldilocks Rule

Goals, by their very nature, are outcomes we want that require action from america to attain. Achieving goals only happens erstwhile we instrumentality pinch nan required people of action we request to deed them. And sticking pinch anything, whether it’s a diet, a promise to constitute 500 words a day, a moving regime, aliases a target of hitting a definite income number requires motivation.

In an article, James Clear talks astir nan Goldilocks Rule. The premise of nan Goldilocks norm is that humans are only motivated erstwhile nan task astatine manus is nan absolute optimum level of difficulty. Clear argues that if thing is excessively easy, past you simply get bored. In different words, if your extremity is excessively simple, past your information will dice disconnected because you are, rather frankly, not emotion challenged enough.

If, connected nan different hand, nan task is acold excessively difficult (impossible, even), past you go demotivated, believing that nary matter what you do, you won’t beryllium capable to execute it. Think astir playing chess arsenic an amateur against a Grandmaster. Being obliterated complete and complete again is apt to consequence successful your eventual giving up.

Clear argues that nan “Goldilocks” area for a extremity is that abstraction wherever it’s difficult and challenges you to nan separator of your capabilities but is still decidedly achievable. This is wherever humans stay astir motivated and instrumentality pinch nan actions that it takes to execute goals.

So, carnivore successful mind that nan adjacent clip you group your goals, they request to challenging but by nary intends impossible.

7. Goal Setting Can Change Your Life

So, we cognize that realistic goals and micro goals thief america to enactment motivated connected nan travel to bigger goals. And ultimately, this is what really has life-changing benefits.

As an adult, I’ve had goals successful each sorts of areas. I group retired pinch an income extremity (which I collapsed into micro-goals) erstwhile I was successful my early 20s and each clip I achieved 1 of nan micro-goals, I’d reward myself pinch an acquisition (a sojourn location usually). I’m not astatine my extremity end yet, and truthful that continues.

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More recently, I’ve group wellness goals astir weight. I’m good connected my measurement utilizing realistic micro-goals. These smaller much realistic goals adhd up. For me, they’ll adhd up to being patient and financially comfortable—life-changing things.

It mightiness beryllium thing wholly different for you. But I’m a patient believer successful mounting large life-changing goals, breaking them down into smaller, much realistic goals, and achieving them.

Go Get It

What do you want? Is it an income level? Or do you want a occupation successful a definite company, a business successful a definite industry, aliases to beryllium capable to tally astatine a definite speed? I dream reference these 7 benefits of realistic goal-setting has made you recognize why it is important to group realistic goals.

Only you cognize what life-changing goals look for illustration for you. But here’s thing to try:

  1. Write down nan extremity goal(s) and really agelong you deliberation it mightiness return to achieve.
  2. Break it retired into smaller goals that tin beryllium realistically achieved successful a smaller timeframe.
  3. Write down what you’ll do to execute that first micro goal.
  4. Go get it.

Good luck!

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