Why Is Life So Complicated For You? 5 Reasons Why

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We unrecorded successful a world wherever changeless alteration and disruption is simply a given. Our lives were abruptly turned upside down by a world pandemic. We had nary control, and our powerfulness of prime was taken distant from us. To past we had to judge and obey nan laws group by nan authorities to destruct a microorganism that could perchance destruct our nine arsenic we cognize it. Why is life truthful complicated?

I recovered it difficult to set to surviving a life pinch nary societal interaction isolated from those surviving successful my bubble. I quickly realised that to get done surviving pinch COVID-19 regulations and rules, I had to support my life arsenic uncomplicated arsenic possible. The much analyzable I made my life, nan much frenetic, anxious and fearful I became. This was not an easy task, and each time I had to activity connected overcoming nan biggest obstacle ever: my mind.

Why Life Is So Complicated For You

So, if you are emotion that your life is complicated, present are 5 reasons why this is happening to you. The bully news is that if you reside these 5 obstacles, you will person a overmuch amended chance of surviving an uncomplicated life.

1. Focusing connected nan Complexity of Life

If you were to inquire Confucius if life is complicated, his reply would be, “Life is really simple, but we insist connected making it complicated.”

The astir difficult and anxiety-creating activity I recovered during Level 4 lockdown was doing nan play shop. Adjusting to a caller measurement of shopping wherever you had to guidelines successful agelong queues to get into nan market shop while still maintaining a 2-meter spread extracurricular and wrong nan shop was exhausting.

One personification per family was allowed to spell to nan market store, and that task was allocated to me. I began to dread nan play trip, and I had to activity really difficult to negociate my anxiety. I soon realized that if I continued to judge that this shopping workout was analyzable and challenging, past conjecture what? It would be.

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It’s easy to spot thing arsenic analyzable erstwhile it forces america to displacement our lives successful immoderate awesome way, but it’s often useful to first activity connected seeing this alteration in a much affirmative aliases simpler light. What will this alteration thatch you? Can you incorporated it into your regular without excessively overmuch upheaval? Do your champion to make it arsenic straightforward arsenic possible.

The Complexity Bias

The complexity bias is simply a logic why we humans thin towards complicating our lives alternatively than keeping things simple. When we are faced pinch excessively overmuch accusation aliases we are successful a authorities of disorder astir something, we will people attraction connected nan complexity of nan rumor alternatively than look for a elemental solution. In a caller article, nan writer explains, erstwhile “we succumb to complexity bias, we are focusing excessively difficult connected nan tricky 10% and ignoring nan easy 90%.”

When you are dealing pinch a business that you consciousness is analyzable and overwhelming, effort to attraction connected coming up pinch solutions aliases strategies that are simple. Ask yourself this question: If I return nan simple, straightforward attack what will beryllium nan outcome? More disorder aliases possibly a solution? I deliberation you cognize what nan reply would be!

2. Being Constantly Worrying

As humans, we are affectional beings. When we are stressed, angry, frustrated, aliases unhappy, our thoughts and emotions tin person a important power connected really we respond and behave.

Constantly worrying astir your problems and what lies up successful nan early tin drain your power and origin beingness and affectional distress successful your life. The much you worry, nan much analyzable your life seems.

Looking for a metallic lining aliases nan champion action successful a bad business does not travel people to us. It takes activity and continuous effort to navigate our measurement astir nan challenges and curveballs that life throws astatine you.

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Fortunately, location are galore strategies that tin thief you calm your worried mind and easiness anxiety. Try nan pursuing to spot what useful for you:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditation
  • Cardio exercises
  • Journaling
  • Yoga
  • Listening to music
  • Talking to friends

3. Trying to Control Everything successful Life

We unrecorded successful a analyzable world, and it tin beryllium very difficult to find nan answers to nan challenges we look successful our lives. We are each acrophobic of something, whether it is fearfulness of failing, dying, aliases losing a loved one. Striving to person power complete one’s life is an effort to hide your fears truthful that you don’t person to look them.

If you are making decisions astir your life from a spot of control, past you request to stop. Striving to person power successful your life is simply a motion that you are surviving your life successful fear. You request to break free of your fears and study to judge that location are things successful life that are extracurricular of your control.

Once you judge that life is each astir your navigating your measurement done it alternatively than controlling it, you will find that your outlook connected life will beryllium much affirmative and not truthful complicated.

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% really you react.” -Charles R. Swindoll.

4. Basing Your Happiness connected Others’ Happiness

Your life will ever beryllium analyzable and difficult if you hinge your happiness connected different group successful your life. Your happiness does not travel from others, it comes from wrong you.

If you trust connected different person’s happiness to unrecorded life, complete clip nan complications of life will overwhelm you and you will suffer your consciousness of self. You will find that you will beryllium perpetually trying to please others and trying to support them happy — this is exhausting and detrimental to your wellbeing.

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You request to return a breath, look inward, and past make a choice. Do you want to unrecorded a life valuing and believing successful yourself nan measurement you deserve, aliases do you want to unrecorded your life based connected nan happiness of others? I cognize what I would choose.

5. Feeding Into nan Drama of Life

By feeding into different peoples’ drama, you are making your life much analyzable than it needs to be. Drama and having toxic group successful your life is simply a look for surviving an emotionally exhausting and analyzable life.

There are definite types of group who unrecorded their life done play and catastrophe. They take to respond to life’s challenges successful a measurement that is not productive. Stay distant from them. If they do travel to you pinch their drama, return a respire and springiness yourself immoderate clip to activity retired really champion to negociate nan business without falling into nan trap of taking connected committee their antagonistic energy.

It won’t hap overnight, but nan much you activity connected your self-acceptance and self-belief, nan much courageous and assured you will be. With this courage, you will beryllium capable to measurement up and destruct antagonistic play from your life. Once you person done this, your life will beryllium little analyzable and truthful overmuch easier for you to navigate your measurement done life’s challenges.

Final Thoughts

“If you judge life successful each its fullness and ambiguity, it’s not complicated; it’s only analyzable if you don’t judge it.” -Marty Rubin

You will ever person challenging times successful your life, and nan much analyzable you make it, nan much difficult your life will be.

The much you attraction connected quieting nan voices successful your mind, keeping calm, and listening to yourself breathe, nan little analyzable your life will be. This is simply a very elemental look to surviving a fulfilled life.

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Featured photograph credit: Nick Karvounis via unsplash.com

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